SHOT SHOW 2016 | SCCY CPX-3: First Look

shot show 2016

January 20, 2016 / Comments (1)

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shot show 2016
One of my favorite pocket pistol makers is here at SHOT Show 2016. SCCY is known for their fantastic warranty and reliability. They took the industry by storm when they introduced their colorful line sub-compact pistols chambered in 9mm.
Of course, until recently, there has only been two models. One with a safety, and one without a safety. All of that is about to change, with the introduction of the CPX-3.
This small concealed carry pistol is chambered in .380 ACP and has an 8 pound trigger pull. The trigger feels smooth, but long. Being that the CPX-3 doesn't come with a safety, a long trigger pull can only be a good thing.
Over all, the .380 version is smaller than the 9mm ones are with a barrel length of only 2.96 inches. The sights are conventional 3-dots, with the rear end being drift-adjustable. This pistol is capable of holding 10 rounds in the magazine, with one in the pipe at the ready.
As usual, the price of SCCY products is low with a retail price of only $334. And, street price will likely be in the $280 range, after excitement settles down a bit.

I'm looking forward to getting one to test sometime in the very near future, to see how it handles. Though, I do have to say that this smaller pistol didn't fit into my gorilla-sized hands as well as the 9mm version does. Then again, I do have some huge mitts at the end of my arms.
Stay Tuned. Oh, and if you're looking for more SHOT Show coverage, check back often. Or, check out our YouTube channel.

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