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shot show 2016

January 20, 2016 / Comments (1)

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shot show 2016
X-Products was at SHOT Show 2016 with their high cap magazines, Can Cannon and even had a BATFE approval letter in hand. It may be too early to tell, but according to the representative at their booth, it looks like their ATF woes are behind them as they seemingly fixed the issue.
It should be noted, however, that the Can Cannon they brought with them today, is in fact a .308 Winchester version (even though the photo says otherwise). The X-Products rep stated that there is too much pressure to shoot cans of soda. Instead of flying out of the barrel, they explode into a sugary mess of liquid.
You can shoot lots of other stuff, and they even have some accessories they offer, like a grappling hook which, I'm told, shoots about 300 yards.
As you already likely know, unless you live in a cave, the Can Cannon comes as an assembled upper receiver, and fires blanks to build up the gases that launch your projectiles.
When I first saw this thing, I let my imagination run like a wild horse. I mean, the possibilities are endless: concrete cylinders, soup cans, empty cans filled with—literally—handfuls of God knows what….
The list goes on. To make this sultry dessert dish even more appetizing is the price tag. It lists for an MSRP of $399. Not too shabby for something that launches cool stuff at targets 300 yards away.
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