Top 5 New Sig Sauer 9mm Handguns 2021

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Sig Sauer is renowned for reliability, quality, and unmatched performance in the firearms industry. This guarantees that Sig Sauer 9mm handguns make functional picks for personal use.

Check out this roundup of the best Sig Sauer 9mm handguns in the market today.

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5 Best Sig Sauer 9mm Pistols you Need for Self Defense in 2021


You must be wondering what differentiates the 320 Xcarry Legion from the X5 Legion big brother. Firstly, the pistol still utilizes parts from the original Legion, but the TXG grip module is shorter to accommodate the 3.9 slide.

Additionally, the gun also features a half by 28 threaded barrel upgrade from the previous 13.5. Besides the attached mag well and the TXG grip module, the pistol also comes with three 17-round magazines with the Legion logo at the bottom and an aluminum base pad.

The most outstanding features are the fully adjustable X-ray 3 day night sights, X-ray 3 rear sight plate assembly, and a suppressor height sight on the front. It is similar to the X5 Legion, but this one comes with inserted night sight vials.

Being a 320 Legion, this Sig Sauer 9mm pistol has a skeletonized trigger for a light trigger pull that breaks at 90 degrees.


  • Adjustable night sights come in handy when you have a suppressor that changes your point of impact
  • The 320 Legion comes in an ideal weight. That is, not too heavy to carry and not too light to beat you up at the range
  • It comes with an optics-ready slide

2. SIG SAUER P365XL Spectre

Spectre family is the newest high-end line of pistols that Sig Sauer is launching. The P365XL comes with a laser X grip version of the 365 X-series. Like in the P320 XCompact counterpart, the textures on the grip are nicely spaced and are equally functional.

As with its P320 big brother, the slide and lightning cuts on the Sig Sauer P365 makes it an X-series gun, not to mention the trademark and unique distressed finish.

The pistol comes with X-ray 3 day and night sights and a rear sight plate assembly where you can mount optics like the Romeo 0. Note that Spectre pistols come with a flat X-series trigger.

3. SIG SAUER P229 Custom Works Equinox

The Sig Sauer P229 Equinox still features some original components, such as the nickel crews and controls, decocker trigger hammer, and the equinox slide. That includes the equinox engraving and the unique side two-tone look.

Originally, it came with a wood grip. Though pretty, the grip was not as functional.

And, was therefore replaced with the Hogue g10 classic contour slim grip. This is the same type of grip that comes with the nightmare gun, which attests to its functionality, especially with stipplings on the sides and back.

The Sig Sauer 9mm handgun also comes with the X-ray-3 day and night sights. What’s more, it comes with a short reset trigger that allows for a smooth and quick reset whenever you are firing single action.

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The first thing you will notice with the P938 straight out of the box is its black Hogue rubber grip. As far as capacity goes, it comes standard with one extended seven-round magazine, which is in the range of an excellent self-defense handgun.

Like other members of the Sig Sauer 938 family, this handgun is a single action only. This means it can only fire when the hammer is back. Keep in mind, however, that the Ambi manual safety should come off first.

You can expect the same exceptional trigger pull as with the previous 938s. However, you will notice that the P938 SAS does not come with front sights. Instead, it features the FT bullseye sight lowered on the slide.

Don’t worry about the firing pin retainer and hammer covering the green dot because this Sig Sauer 9mm pistol is designed to avoid that. You can see the ring and circle of the FT bullseye sight when the camera is cocked to the rear.

As with 365 handguns, the Ft bullseye sight here is highly effective in close engagements of up to 10 yards. This is not to say that you will not hit targets further than 10-yards even if it is not designed for that.

5. SIG SAUER P320 XCompact SPECTRE 9mm Handgun

The most outstanding feature of the Spectre gun series is the laser engraved grip module. Besides being aesthetically appealing, the grip module gives you a substantial bite into the handgun, making it more lovable.

The handgun also comes with a one-of-a-kind custom Spectre slide making it an X-series gun. The custom slide comes with lighting cuts at the top, and serrations that decrease in size.

Being an X-series gun, you know it is optics-ready and comes with X-ray-3 day and night sights. Besides the grip module and the slide cuts, this custom piece also features a skeletonized trigger.


  • Unlike the 320 compact that comes with a 3.6-inch slide, this Sig Sauer 9mm handgun comes with a 3.9-inch slide.
  • The distressed look finish on the slide also makes this gun stand out.

Tip: Romeo 1 pro or delta point pro are great optics for this handgun

Sig Sauer’s drive to be the best has made them the official handgun of the US Military. They bring a new level of adaptability and capability, and this lineup of 9mm handguns attests to that. With any of the above handguns, you can rest assured that you are getting the leading industrial technology in the market.

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