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From The Manufacturer/Wikipedia/People Smarter Than Us:

The Tactical 2 is the most advanced version of the precision rifle developed by Blaser. Each design element was driven by the requirement to create the best shooting platform possible. Exceptional accuracy was one of the key principles during development, with effective engagement ranges of 1500 meters or more, depending on caliber and ammunition.

Tactical 2

Stats & Specs:

    • Barrel: 24.7”, 25.6”, 27”


  • Caliber: .308, .338 Lapua


  • Capacity: 4/5-shot mag


  • Features: Bolt action


  • Finish: Plasma-nitrided


  • Sights: None


  • Stocks: Composite


  • Weight: 11.9-12.8 lbs

    338 Lapua Mag | Rifle Ammo | Ammo



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