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August 22, 2019 / Comments (2)

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The Smith & Wesson M28 is the best bargain among the numerous S&W range of handguns. If you are looking for a powerful revolver that can handle heavy bullets with great accuracy, this is it!

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  1. S&W Highway Patrolman Review
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Smith & Wesson M28 | The Highway Patrolman

S&W Highway Patrolman Review

The Smith and Wesson M28 was introduced in 1954 specifically for police use. This gun was made after the model 27 which is one of the finest revolvers in the market, but too expensive for duty use.

So the company decided to make a cheaper version in the M28, though the manufacturing of this firearm lasted only until 1986. This .357 revolver is one of the sturdiest in the business and still very popular among gun enthusiasts.

You can easily tell this handgun is an old design, but better than a lot of new revolvers made these days. The gun's condition is fantastic for its age as a working piece for law enforcement, thus, given the title as the Highway Patrolman.

Gun Specs


This Smith and Wesson N frame revolver was built in 4-inch and 6-inch barrel lengths. The longer barrel has an overall length of 11.5 inches that weighs 44 oz. unloaded.

It has 6 rounds magazine capacity in .357 magnum caliber with adjustable sights and beautiful wood Smith and Wesson Highway Patrolman grips. The frame is quite heavy and not ideal for concealed carry purposes.

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Control and Performance


The M28 is easy to shoot as well as accurate for a cheaper version of the model 27. Although designed as a duty pistol and to reduce the cost of the previous model, Smith & Wesson made sure the performance of this firearm lives up to their good reputation.

Pros and Cons


Apart from being a fine addition to your gun collection, what's good about the M28 is it's physically and mechanically the same gun as the reputable S&W model 27.

I think it's reasonable to cut cost and do away with the luxury features of the previous version for a handgun purposely built for duty.

Watch this short video review of the Smith & Wesson M28 Highway Patrolman courtesy of Funnin Gunnin:

The Smith and Wesson M28 may not be a top of the line gun but its handling qualities are very good. It really suits its purpose for law enforcement and a working tool designed for field use.

These are not made for showpieces like other fancy firearms. I would definitely buy one of these if given the opportunity, but I'm afraid this model is hard to find these days.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 9, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Handgun Reviews: Smith And Wesson M28

  1. robert baker says:

    Carried a model 28 as a duty weapon when I was a police officer. Loved it! Carried it concealed in a safariland inverted clams hell shoulder rig. Wish I still had both of them!

  2. Richard Ford says:

    Just picked up a 28-2 for $540. Very nice 98 condition easily. Original factory grips and a like new S&W leather holster. Gun and holster date to the mid 70s.Thought it was an okay deal until I got on the Internet. This one’s a keeper.

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