The New Smith and Wesson Shotgun: S&W M&P 12

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The new Smith and Wesson shotgun doesn't look like your ordinary, traditional, long-barreled firearm. It actually looks like a futuristic weapon that's designed 10 years from now!

Let's take a look at and review its key features.

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The Newest Compact Shotgun: The S&W M&P 12 | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

Hunter with Shotgun Gun on Hunt | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

Gun Specs

Similar to its pistol, revolver, and long gun predecessors, the M&P in this model name is short for “Military & Police”. This firearm is the newest addition to Smith and Wesson's “Military & Police” line.

Below are its specifications:

  • Caliber: 12-gauge, 3-inch chamber
  • Action: pump action
  • Barrel length: 19 inches
  • Overall length: 27.8 inches
  • Width: 3.7 inches
  • Height: 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Capacity: 6 rounds 3-inch shells per tube, 7 rounds 2-3/4-inch shells per tube

As you can notice in its capacity, this weapon has dual magazine tubes. These are located below the barrel.

Then, there's a cross bolt-style push-button tube selector. This lets you choose which of the two magazine tubes will feed the barrel. The button is quick and intuitive to use.

And one of the highlights of this firearm–it can carry more cartridges in a more compact package compared with other commonly used shotguns.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The S&W M&P 12 has a solid-rock built, with a black oxide-coated steel barrel and a steel receiver. However, this steel construction is the main culprit for its additional weight.

But surprisingly, upon holding this shotgun, you won't notice its heaviness, considering that the center of gravity is close to your shoulder. Therefore, one-handed aiming and shooting are still possible with this firearm.

The pump or the fore-end is easy to operate. But note that you have to do a full, lengthy stroke on this sliding handle. This is to make sure that the next round will chamber.

Looking at its outer appearance, the serrations on the slide have a neat touch, and the shooting controls are well-thought-out.

Additionally, this model is optics-ready, but it doesn't come with any optics or sights. But the barrel shroud and Picatinny rail allow you to mount accessories, such as flashlights and red dot sights.


Old Soviet Pistol Closeup on White Background | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

One of the not-so-astounding features of the Smith and Wesson shotgun is its trigger. It may not blow your mind.

However, you might also say the same with other bullpup firearms.

The trigger pull weight ranges from 6.5-7 pounds, which is the standard for this kind of weapon.


The S&W M&P 12 is a pump-action shotgun. For this reason, using it will make you realize that firing a semi-automatic may be a bit more fun than a pump action.

This is because the recoil of the Smith and Wesson shotgun may not be that soft or pleasant for your taste.

Think of other 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. The M&P 12's recoil is similar to them. But the good thing with this firearm is that its vertical foregrip does a good job of controlling the recoil.


Good news for aesthetic lovers: the grip of the Smith and Wesson shotgun comes with interchangeable backstraps!

This means that if you're not in the mood with its current grip, you can swap it with a backstrap of your choice. And that's actually pretty cool!

However, you might encounter two issues with Smith and Wesson shotgun. And the first of which is the shelf right above its grip. It might rub the base knuckle of your thumb, and that might feel a bit weird while you're firing.

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Closeup of Man Loading a Red Shotgun Shell into the Magazine of His Gun | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

The Smith and Wesson shotgun is designed for home security. But with its cutting-edge design, you'll feel like an action hero while using it.

However, the second issue with this firearm is the reloading.

You might find the reloading a bit tricky, and it may take twice as long. The reason for this is that you have to flip the firearm upside down to reload cartridges.

There's a big access port at the back of the shotgun where you'll do the reloading. But it can get a little crowded in that area, given that you have your hand and the shotshells in it.

Additionally, the shells don't effortlessly slide into the tube. You have to overcome the retention spring pressure.

But don't worry! Smith and Wesson won't release this model without a solution to this problem.

You may use the load assist button, which you can find on top of the receiver. However, be careful not to press this button too hard. Or else, the weapon's just going to discharge the shotshells.

Reliability and Versatility

Man Shooting on an Outdoor Shooting Range | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

Expect that you won't encounter any failure while using this Smith and Wesson shotgun. Even if you manipulate the firearm while shooting, its performance will still be first-class!

And for all the females out there who have smaller built than men, don't get intimidated by the looks of this firearm. You can also control this shotgun well enough!


Gun Show where People Can Buy and Sell Guns | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

The manufacturer's suggested retail price or MSRP for this weapon is $1165.

Yes, it may be a bit more expensive than other shotguns, but you'll definitely get what you'll pay for. What's more, this firearm is backed by the company's lifetime service policy.

Overall Verdict

12-Gauge Red Hunting Cartridges for Shotgun | Smith and Wesson Shotgun

The Smith and Wesson shotgun can leave you with a great, positive impression. And it seems to be the superior bullpup shotgun on the market right now.

It has a streamlined structure, powerful vibe, and sleek appearance. You also have the opportunity to be creative with it–you can change the grip and mount the optic of your choice.

So, whether you're curious about bullpup shotgun or a fan of this type of firearm, the S&W M&P 12 is your best option.

Check out this video by Smith & Wesson Inc. as they share the safety measures and instructions when loading the S&W M&P 12:

Smith and Wesson recently launched this shotgun–the first in several years. This time, they manufactured a compact shotgun with the performance of a long barrel.

This firearm shows a lot of promise when it comes to home defense. And not only that, this weapon has the appeal of an innovative and modern design, which adds to its blast shooting performance!

Note: Keep in mind to check your federal, state, and local gun laws before purchasing a shotgun.

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What do you think of the Smith and Wesson shotgun as a firearm for protection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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