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From The Manufacturer/Wikipedia/People Smarter Than Us:

Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are created from the ground up. From hand cutting and fitting to fine tuning for precision, these firearms are top performers. Products from the Performance Center are the ultimate expression of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology.
Three large-frame revolvers are newly available with 2 5/8” barrels chambered in .357 Magnum®, .41 Magnum® and 44 Magnum®. The new Model 625 is a 6-shot with a 4” barrel in .45 ACP and exhibits a patriotic red, white and blue laminated grip.

Revolvers – Smith & Wesson

Stats & Specs:

    • Barrel: 1.87”-8.3”


  • Caliber: .38 Special, .357 Mag, .44 Special, .44 Mag, .45 ACP


  • Capacity: 5/6/8-shot


  • Features: Double-action/single-action


  • Finish: Matte black, satin stainless, matte silver


  • Grips: Wood, synthetic


  • Sights: Adjustable front, integral, rear ramp, interchangeable front, fixed or adjustable rear


  • Weight: 15-57.7 ounces

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