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August 9, 2019 / Comments (15)

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The Springfield Armory XD9 is one of the most renowned polymer-framed pistols in the business. It bears a strong resemblance to the Glock which means if you hadn't held one before, you're in for a surprise.

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  3. Gun Specs
  4. Ease of Use and Performance
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Is the Springfield Armory XD9 Worth Every Dime?

Springfield Armory XD9 | Croatian Extreme Duty Pistol

When a shooter feels comfortable holding a weapon in his hand, it's a good indication he can shoot it with confidence. This is what most people say about the Springfield Armory XD9.

The ergonomics of a gun is so important. Some experienced shooters look at this aspect first before testing the gun's accuracy. I myself developed an attitude of not judging a certain firearm until I get to feel it in the range.

The XD9 though has quite a reputation. Besides, if another gun is placed in comparison with the Glock, then it must be something.

Gun Info


Manufactured in Croatia, the HS2000 is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol marketed in the United States as the Springfield Armory XD9. It didn't always have the reputation it had today when the Yugoslav War contributed to its production difficulties affecting the quality of the firearm.

Gun Specs


The XD9 has a texturing on all sides of the grip for better control. The dimensions include an overall length of 6.3 inches, a height of 4.75 inches, a width of 1.18 inches, a barrel length of 3 inches, and weight of 26 oz. when unloaded. Three-dot sights are also secured on both ends of the slide and a magazine capacity of 13+1 rounds.

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Ease of Use and Performance


This gun has consistent accuracy even when the shooter is under pressure. They say the XD9 is more accurate than the shooter while it's still accurate at extended targets.

Mag changes are fast and smooth with its ambidextrous magazine release buttons.

Pros and Cons


What I like about the Springfield Armory XD9 is its ergonomics which is quite popular to a lot of gun enthusiasts. Although the look and design of this handgun are often compared to the Glock, many still think the XD9 has a better feel than its legendary counterpart.

I'm not challenging the Glock-faithful, but I do know some experts who believe this.

Overall Verdict


I was lucky to shoot a few rounds of this handgun and it does live up to my expectations. In my personal opinion, I should say it's one of the top semi-automatic pistols that exist today.

The old design still rocks without a doubt. Check out the Browning Hi-Power and discover how some handgun features started and carried out until this day.

Watch this video from Hickok 45 we recommend for first-time users or owners of the Springfield Armory XD:

I'm a fan of classic handguns and love how they paved the way for the new ones. Every aspect of the gun is improved from grips, accuracy, safety, to the ease in loading ammunition.

Guns are customized to woo anyone with its new features which suit any type of shooter.

Do you own a Springfield Armory XD9? Share your own review in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

15 Responses to :
Springfield Armory XD9 | Gun Carrier Handgun Reviews

  1. usmcb10 says:

    I have two of these pistols both are very accurate and easy to change mags their affordable I also have an XDS which I carry in 45 love it would highly recommend this pistol. I own or have owned several spring fields and have always been my top choice for a weapon. I sleep with one on the dresser beside my bed laying along the side of it is to extra mags be prepared danger doesn’t send an invitation it just comes knocking.

    1. Teeroovengadum Kevin says:

      How Much recoil does the.45 have compared to the 9 mm & Glock 17.Is it painful or does it have a bit more muzzle flip ?

      1. Mike Crow says:

        No muzzle flip. The recoil is similar to a 1911 ie. a straight push to the rear. The all around textured grip allows the shooter, if gripping the pistol properly, to easily put enough friction on the frame to make any recoil negligible.

        1. Teeroovengadum Kevin says:

          Glad to hear That.Thank You

  2. Dan Colley says:

    It would be interesting to know what caliber that this pistol comes in. I have never read an article about a handgun that did not ONCE mention whether it was a .22, a .38, a 9mm or a .45. It could be important. No mention of the price point either. Where are these writers getting their journalistic training?

    1. Sammy says:


      The article says it’s on the XD9
      I have put well over a 1000 rounds through one of the early models- qualified in Police academy as well as security qualifications – it has never missed a beat yet, and i’m not the best at cleaning one after every and they still function.

      1. Sammy says:

        I think you will like the XD in whatever caliber you choose, they are normally slightly cheaper than a Glock.
        Only down side is Mags are a little higher but I leave mine loaded for over a year sometimes as I have 6 of them and not one has failed me in over10 years.

        1. Dan Colley says:

          No loss of spring tension? Conventional thought is to keep your mags unloaded to ease the tension on the spring in the clip to avoid failures to load. Just askin’. By the way, I did go to Springfield’s website and look at the factory’s data sheets. I also went to a couple of sites where these pistols are sold and noted that one can pick up a second-hand .45 cal version for just over $500. Not a bad price for a good semi-auto .45.

          1. Sammy says:

            No loss so far, maybe I should buy a few more just to give the originals a break. I’m of the believe an unloaded magazine doesn’t do much good when you need it. I guess you could say I put my guns through a constant torture test.
            The xd- and keltek pf9 have both preformed flawlessly so far.
            Like you I like simple and reliable.
            Sks for deer and hog hunting – old savage 24c 22/20 GA for small game hunting seems to be all I need but I do want another 357 soon just as a woods carry piece.

          2. Dan Colley says:

            Did not intend to convey the idea that you should have empty mags lying around when the need for them may arise. I meant to convey the idea that to buy a few extras to “rotate your stock” occasionally would be easier to do. I wouldn’t dare be caught with empty clips when it hits the fan. Better to have too many than not enough.

            I’ve enjoyed our conversation. Thanks. I always find it revealing when I converse with others. I always learn something !!! Thanks again.

  3. playsoftball says:

    8 of ten hits at 75 yards is good. I agree with no mention of calibre thrown the rest of vervie off a tad bit. IMO the relative msrp and or street pricing should have nee included. Otherwise, a good job.

  4. Dion Petaros says:

    To clear up a little confusion, the number in the “title” of the handgun is the caliber. Hence an XD9 is the 9mm version of the series while the XD 40 is the 40 S&W. That being said, I own the XD in 9 and 40 in both full size and compact editions. All 4 guns have cycled (no joke) over 100k rounds each with no FTF or FTE. Since I’m a bit OCD I do clean my firearms after every use, but ran a test on my XD 40 compact, without cleaning, for over 20k rounds (over a period of a couple of years) and still didn’t have an FTF or FTE. I don’t know if you’ll have the same results, but when coupled with the low purchase price (compared to Glock, H & K, etc – firearms of similar quality), I can understand why many Law Enforcement professionals use this handgun as a duty or off-duty sidearm.

  5. lbrack says:

    Good shooting in the video, with 8 hits of 10 shots at a 6×6 target, offhand and @75 yards. I would need a “ringer” with a suppressed rifle behind the camera timed to my shots to shoot that well.

    There are some inconsistencies in the article. The lead photo is of the XDM model that has some enhanced details over the original XD models. The number following the model is the caliber, i.e., XD9, XD40, XD45. The standard XDM9 has a 4.5″ barrel and a magazine capacity of 19+1. There are additional versions of the XDM; one with a shorter 3.8″ barrel, one with a longer 5.25″ barrel, a midsize with a 3.8″ barrel and shorter grip, and a compact version with an even shorter barrel and short grip. Both XD and XDM models are available in 9mm, .40 and .45ACP.

    The XD models include barrel lengths of 4″ and 5″ and a compact . The XD magazines have less capacity than the XDM models, and the magazines are not interchangeable with XDM magazines. The compact version, the XDS, has a single stack magazine with a short grip and a shorter barrel that is good for concealed carry. All models and versions have a grip safety, like 1911s. Despite the very good handling characteristics of the original models, Springfield Armory recently reconfigured the grips to be even more ergonomic. There are many models and variations of the XD/XDM/XDS, so check the SA website for more specs.

  6. Mark S says:

    Check Springfield Armory’s website if you buy any of their pistols, they sometimes run giveaways. I got 2 mags and a bag for free, I think now it’s 4 mags a holster and a bag.

  7. FrankBrady says:

    I own the XD9 and believe it to be one of the best handguns ever made. I shoot a lot and have never had a failure of any kind with this pistol. Its accuracy is absolutely superb.

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