Springfield XD 45 ACP | XD Mod 2 Tactical Review

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July 22, 2023 / Comments (7)

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The Springfield XD 45 ACP is the perfect gun for anyone new to carrying a concealed weapon. Learn more about it here!

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Springfield XD 45 ACP Review: Should You Buy One?

Man holding a .45 caliber Springfield XD Mod2 service model pistol springfield xd 45 acp

Springfield XD 45 ACP Concealed Carry Gun

Chambered in the three “popular” self-defense cartridges, this gun offers great concealment. It also has perfect ergonomics and the safety features XD fans have come to love.


This double stack polymer pistol offers more chances to hit your target than many of the smaller sub-compact pistols do.

The Springfield XD 45 ACP tactical is a new take on an older design that has been updated significantly. Updates include a redesigned grip that allows each finger to have its own resting spot.

The slimmed downslide and much-improved fiber optic sights allow the shooter faster target acquisition. Overall, the gun is less blocky in feel, though in comparison to a regular XD, the difference is minimal.

Grip and Safety Features

When you're new to carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense, it's important that you carry a safe weapon.

The Mod.2 is one of the safest carry guns on the market. It comes with a slew of safety features – without an actual flip safety.

For example, unless the grip and trigger safeties are fully pressed, the gun will not fire. The striker status indicator on the back of the slide lets you know the gun has been cocked.

On the other hand, the chamber status indicator lets you know there is a round in the chamber.

The updated grip features a non-slip surface, with three distinct textures inside the XD's “Grip Zone.” The wording may be corny, the gun feels excellent in hand, and provides for a positive shooting experience, even after 100+ rounds of .45 ACP, in less than two hours.

This is a good point, however, note that while the “Grip Zone” is extremely ergonomic, it isn't without its flaws. Depending upon the holster you like to wear, you really start to feel the different textures of the grip rubbing on your love handles.

Ergonomic Definition: The comfort and efficiency of a product's design for better working conditions.

Whether I was walking around, or driving in the car, the “Grip Zone” rubbing on my skin was enough to make me go nutty. However, wearing an undershirt made the sandpaper-to-skin feeling go away.

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Springfield XD 45 ACP Re-engineering

Another reason why this is the perfect gun for someone new to carrying a concealed weapon is Springfield re-engineered how high the shooter's hand sits on the frame of the gun. Thus, there's less recoil on this Springfield XD Mod.2 sub-compact pistol to allow longer sessions of practicing.

Finally, the last re-design on this gun worth mentioning is the slide serrations. They cut deeper into the slide to allow a better grip when cocking the weapon.

This is great for someone who isn't used to sending a round to the chamber or someone who has fairly weak hands. Either way, the serrations are more pronounced and easier to get a grip on when you need to pull the slide back.

Newer shooters who don't have as much experience in field stripping and cleaning a pistol can rest assured knowing that the Mod.2 is easy to disassemble and reassemble, instilling confidence in his/her ability for future guns.

Latest Version Features

The latest version of the XD comes with the gear people have come to expect from Springfield Armory. This includes the hard case, a slide lock, an extra fiber optic piece, a mag holster, and two magazines.

Speaking of the magazines, the .45 ACP I tested came with a 9-round flush mounted mag and a 13-round extended mag. The 13-round magazine provides your pinky finger with its very own resting place and helps to make this the most comfortable gun I've ever shot.

The Springfield XD 45 ACP is a great little gun. Overall, it gets my seal of approval as a great carry option.

It is safe and comfortable to shoot, and with an MSRP of right around $600 depending on the finish you choose, it is one of the best semi-auto options for someone who is new to the concealed carry world.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 9, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

7 Responses to :
Springfield XD 45 ACP | XD Mod 2 Tactical Review

  1. stan says:

    I carry the XDS .45 daily..Fantastic gun…………..

    1. Nicholas Johnson says:

      I just bought the XD 45 subcompact yesturday upgrading from a Taurus.

  2. Bob M. says:

    Purchased mine in Feb. 2015 shortly after their release. Have been very pleased with all aspects of this XD-9 Mod. 2. Very enjoyable to shoot and accurate out of the box at a good price. My wife enjoys shooting it as well. Considering a single stack though for its narrower profile.

  3. Wing Wraith says:

    I own two xds 9 mm, xd mod 2 45, xd mod 2 9mm 4 inch barrel. The mod 2 are accurate and pleasant to shoot. They have a longer trigger reset than I would prefer. Very smooth trigger pull. The xds have a shorter reset, their trigger is similar to a glock. If you pull the trigger on an empty chamber, the trigger stays back like a glock indicating that the gun is not cocked. The mod 2s trigger returns to the middle in the trigger guard. As a result, you have to rely on looking at the back of tbe gun to see if the pin is sticking out which indicates its cocked. If the gun is not full battery, the loaded chamber indicator will not function properly. If you are not in full battery, You can have a round in the chamber, and the spur on top of the barrel will be down indicating an empty chamber . It happened to me on the range.

  4. Deborah Sampson says:

    I first bought the XD 9 mod 2 in the full size tactical version as a fun gun. I liked it so much I wanted to carry it. I am a petite person and the full size model was just to difficult to conceal. I bought the sub compact model a couple of months later and I love them both. They are my favorite guns to shoot along with my 1911.

  5. Mark says:

    I am absolutely sold on the XD line. I do prefer the PRP trigger mods but other than that, I don’t change a thing. The thing that impresses me most is that they just shoot. Cheap ammo, hollow points, jacketed, plated, steel case, aluminum, they eat it all. I go to class with folks who have these beautiful, very expensive 1911’s… and I am shooting while they are clearing… over and over. I have gone through 3-4 classes in a row, 1500 rounds or so without stopping to clean even, and it just keeps going… love my XD’s!

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