Does The Squirt Have What It Takes?


OK, so this week I need a little help from you.

Many of you may know that I tested out the Gerber Suspension Multi-tool a while back.

It had its ups and downs (and took a good chunk out of my finger in the process), but overall, it is a decent multi-tool.

But it isn't something I want to carry around on my hip all the time.

I want something that folds up, fits in my pocket, and doesn't look out of place.

I'm looking for a new tool, and I want your input.

Just about anyone you talk to will tell you that the “go-to” name in multi-tools is a Leatherman and it just so happens that they make one that looks like it has everything I need.

It's called the Squirt

Check it out:

  • 420 HC clip-point knife blade
  • Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters
  • Spring-action scissors, wood/metal file, bottle opener
  • Flat/Phillips medium regular screwdrivers
  • Stainless steel with hard-anodized aluminum handle scales
  • Outside-accessible tools
  •  Fits on a key ring attachment
  • It measures 2.2 x 2 x 1.2 inches
  • Weighs in at 2.1 ounces

The guys over at have these in stock for around $35.00 and I'm considering grabbing one.

What do you think?

Should I give the squirt a shot?

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on June 6, 2013, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

18 Responses to :
Does The Squirt Have What It Takes?

  1. Robert Seddon says:

    I use a SOG power loc .. comes in different models, and one of em WILL fit what you need .. I use the one with the C4 spike, it comes in handy for many things other than detonator placement .. he he he ….

  2. Airamas says:

    Hands down my most useful and carried multitool, is the wave. While heavier than the squirt, it’s full size tools and sheer number put imo, all other tools to shame. Add to that the fact that its made right here in the U.S.A. and you can understand why, I’m so partial to it. Hope that helps

  3. Roys D. Andrews says:

    I own 2 Squirts by leatherman and got them on line for about $25.00. It is a great tool and of high quality metal.

  4. dgray64 says:

    It seems a might small to me. I have one by Sheffield that is approximately the same size, though with fewer accessories. I think if it was an inch longer with the size proportionally increased it would be perfect.

  5. Pete McCleskey says:

    Multi tools are like multi taskers, ok for a little job but not really good at anything.

  6. Daysleeper says:

    It looks good to me! I had a Leatherman Tool that I carried for years and ended up breaking the knife blade and a couple of other parts. Eventually I destroyed it through some very abusive use.

    I replaced it with a poor quality knock off and that sits in my dresser now because it is almost useless. I should have known better but went cheap and was sorry.

    The Squirt seems like it would fit the bill and I might just have to get one on payday! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  7. chris says:

    i have a leatherman wingman. fits in my pocket and is the perfect size. has all sorts of goodies i use all the time. has a nice clip on it so that you can clip to the inside of your pocket.

  8. Chuck says:

    I have carried a Leatherman product ever since the original Leatherman which was not the tool it is today. It is very much improved. In my opinion, the best all around Leatherman tool is the Leatherman Supertool 300. It has a method to lock all the blades, something the original LM didn’t have. It doesn’t have every tool under the sun which some tools are trying to do. The LM is for simple jobs where you don’t want to go out to the garage and grab your 50 pound tool box. I carry the LM every day in my back pocket in a nylon sheath that I bought at the local gun show so that the LM doesn’t wear a hole in my pocket before I wear out my trousers. I really don’t use the LM blade very much, I carry a small three blade Buck folder for every day knife use as the steel is easier to sharpen. For self-defense use I carry a 3 3/4″ folder with a lock that locks the blade open. It is the Crawford “Kasper”. It has a blade that will inflict an impressive wound. It is sharp enough to do the job and by using it only for one purpose, I can be sure that the edge is ready to go and not have to think “Wish I hadn’t cut that copper wire” when push comes to shove. I think the LM Wave is a little small for any work you might want to do. If LM is not listing the Supertool 300 in their current lineup, call them and ask them what product replaced the 300. It will be large enough but not have more tools than you want to carry around. My motto “Simpler is better.”

  9. Chuck says:

    I love Leatherman tools of all sizes. I have carried a Squirt for a long time. I twisted a nut a bit too hard on my first one, and broke one side of the pliers. Leatherman immediately replaced the whole tool. I carry it daily and use it frequently. It is my favorite of all of the small similar tools I have seen.

  10. Tim says:

    I’ve owned a Leatherman Squirt for years. Love it!
    Great for pocket carry, I use all the tools. For small
    jobs of course. That’s what it’s meant for. For bigger
    jobs I carry my Leatherman Wave.

  11. Blksqurl says:

    Spend a little more and get a Leatherman Wave for carry in the car. It is the best I have found.

  12. Raven23 says:

    How about a contest to win one of these bad boys! People are broke these days ;-))

  13. graycoat says:

    Most any Leatherman will do fine. I carry a Core because it has a great saw. One blade you should insist on is a can opener. Ever try to open a can with a knife? Thanks for your web site, you do a great service for the newcomers to our passion.

  14. Lo-Key says:

    Anything Leatherman is a good tool. As long as what you are looking at has what you want for what you consider a good price, go for it!

    I have 2 LMs, a full-size and a mini. Between them they get a lot of use. I used a Gerber tool back in my Army days- that was about a worthless piece! The LM that replaced it was so much better. Almost couldn’t damage the LM- which is saying something for the use that thing got. The only reason I had to get a new one was due to loss. I would never be w/o a LM again.

  15. Mike says:

    Might be O.K. to have one stashed somewhere, but I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the WAVE. I have literally carried one 24/7 since they first came out. 7 years in Siberia Russia proved its use day in and day out. Since we are talking SURVIVAL here, I wouldn’t waste my time on 2nd best. When the chips are down do you really want to be using a “cut down” model?

  16. aarroozz says:

    I work in an industrial setting and farm in my spare time and the Leatherman Wave is a versatile and sturdy tool. The Leatherman pulse is no longer available new, but is very serviceable and slightly smaller making it better for everyday carry. Thanks for the great information and the hard work in this website, my hat is off to you.

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