How to Start a Fire Without Matches

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Any great survivalist knows that starting a fire is a key survival skill – but what happens when disaster strikes and you find yourself without matches?

Quick & Easy DIY Firestarter

This DIY firestarter is a great backup plan for starting a fire in a hurry, and it requires only a few household items. Check out the video below to see how it’s done, and follow these simple steps to create an instant fire without matches.

What you’ll need to make a firestarter without matches:

  • 3 medium pieces of firewood
  • Extra fine steel wool, grade #000
  • Flint and steel striker
  • Cotton ball
  • Bundle of kindling
  • Cotton ball

How to make a firestarter without matches:

Step 1: Place pad of steel wool on a flat surface.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches Steel Wool

Step 2: Surround the steel wool with two pieces of firewood.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches Firewood
Check out our tips on how to identify dry firewood here.

Step 3: Place a cotton ball on top of the steel wool, then surround the cotton ball with kindling.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches Kindling
Add more kindling to the top so that the cotton ball is completely unclosed.

Step 4: Use your flint and steel to strike sparks against the edges of the steel wool.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches Cotton Ball
Continue this motion around the edge of the steel wool, blowing on the sparks to ignite flames.

Step 5: Add a third piece of firewood so that the fire is fully contained.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches Add Firewood

Check out the video below, and leave your own firestarting tips in the comments!

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