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December 15, 2021 / Comments (2)

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The Stoeger P350 is a fine shotgun built specifically for hunting grounds. It's rugged, reliable, and will get you through any hunting conditions.

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Stoeger P350: The Hunting Shotgun

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History of the Stoeger P350

The basic design of the Stoeger P350 is duplicated from another pump-action shotgun made by the same company. If you have knowledge about Stoeger firearms, the model P350 is a longer and strengthened version of the Stoeger SP 312.

Pump-action shotguns are known for being affordable and easy to operate, which also makes them suitable for defense purposes. It's made to fire any 12-gauge ammunition whether it's steel shot, dove loads, or magnum turkey loads.

These guns are engineered to provide extremely smooth action in both hunting and defensive shooting.

Gun Specs

This pump-action shotgun is available in barrel lengths of 18.5, 20, 24, 26, and 28 inches. It can shoot all kinds of 12-gauge ammo (chambered in 2-3/4 inches, 3 inches, 3-1/2 inches) at a maximum capacity of 4 rounds.

The stocks are synthetic which are available in pistol-grip polymer and traditional butt-stocks. This shotgun is lightweight weighing only 6.4 – 6.9 lbs.

Ease of Use and Performance

Field tests of the Stoeger P350 show how accurate it is, especially when using red bar front sights for fast target acquisition. It has superb control which makes you want to pull the trigger right away as you hold the gun in a shooting stance. It's also one of the most durable, low-cost hunting shotguns in the market.

Pros and Cons

This Stoeger shotgun is characterized by its strength and lightweight. Its rotating bolt system makes a sturdy lockup combined with an aluminum alloy receiver. One other thing I like about this gun is its long fore-end feature which allows the shooter to be more comfortable when cycling the action.

On the contrary, a weight of fewer than 7 lbs for a shotgun that fires 12-gauge ammo has its disadvantages. I don't know with other shooters, but I've noticed if the firearm is too light, there's not much weight to dampen the recoil. So I prefer slightly heavier shotguns than the lighter ones.

Overall Verdict and Price

$350 is a reasonable price for the P350 model. Although there are a few drawbacks to every gun, Stoeger made a decent attempt for this shotgun to be better than the previous version. I want to say there's no major improvement needed and I'd be willing to buy the Stoeger P350 for the price it's sold or less.

I've covered a few reviews for Stoeger firearms like the Uplander and Longfowler and it's evident how the company tries to make their new products better than what was first introduced. Their dedication brought the Stoeger brand to where it is now. Quality low-cost products are once again demonstrated.

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Stoeger P350 | Stoeger P 350 Review

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