Failing Water Supply Threatens Millions- What You Need To Know…


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Could this “weird” blue water filter straw be the solution to our coming water crisis?

I need to ask you a question… Do you have any idea how “at risk” you really are?

We put so much focus on failing power grids, political and civil unrest, rising cost of living, nuclear disaster, etc…

But there is a much larger problem facing us… one that very few people are talking about.

Failing Water Supply Threatens Millions Of Americans. Here’s What You Need To Know…

  • Giardia
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery

All diseases that you should only be afraid of if you live in a third world country…right?


To most people, these diseases are relegated to third world countries and old western movies… but the truth is we still see outbreaks of these waterborne illnesses (and many more) right here in the U.S.A.

The threat is closer than you think and none of us are safe.

We are never more than one water main leak or one power outage away from another outbreak…

And it’s something that frankly; most people are nowhere near ready for.

[Caution] What you think you know about your water supply could kill you…

Most people trust their tap water without a second thought, until they see something like this on the morning news:

boil water advisory| Water Filter Straw

And honestly, boiling water is one of the safest ways to make sure that your water supply is safe…

But it's not always an option… and won't do you a damn bit of good if your tap runs completely dry (which, in a crisis could be in a matter of minutes).

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people get sick… or worse from contaminated water… Many of them FROM THEIR OWN TAP WATER!

Because the second the grid goes down, the countdown timer starts…

No Power means No Pumps… and NO WATER coming through your faucets…

Leaving you without a lot of options… you’ve either got to find a nearby (and probably contaminated) water source… or you can use bottled water…

But… let's be honest with each other:

Bottled Water Isn’t Going To Cut It.

It's bulky, heavy, takes up entirely too much room, and there is no way you could ever stock up enough of it for more than a few weeks, let alone travel with it.

You need something that is powerful, portable, lightweight, and efficient.

There are options out there… but most of them are costly and have moving parts or delicate filters that break or wear out fast!

At least that was the case…until NOW:

Introducing the AquaStiq™: The World's Best Water Filter Straw:


Click here to see the AquaStiq™ in action NOW!

How does the AquaStiq™ water filter straw work?


Fig 1.1 How the AquaStiq Water Filter Straw Works

The AquaStiq utilizes a filtration method known as hollow fiber membrane filtration.

Hollow fiber membranes are small hollow tubes that look like straws. These fibers have a microporous membrane that allows clean water into the fiber but prohibits contaminants larger than .2 microns from passing through the membrane.  This means that the AquaStiq Water filter straw will allow you to drink from nearly any fresh water source and avoid diseases such as

  • Giardia
  • Legionella (legionnaires disease)
  • Shigella
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • Cryptosporidium
  • E. Coli

Only Clean water is allowed to go through the membrane while the large contaminates cannot fit through the pores. This is illustrated in Fig 1.1.

Best of all, the AquaStiq™ will provide you and your family with over 1000 liters of water on a single filter!  That's over 264 gallons or close to 9 months worth of clean drinking water for a single person!

And it has an indefinite shelf life, even after use!


Why Do You Need A Water Filter Straw?

If I haven't made it apparent yet, water is a critically overlooked survival tool. But there are some MASSIVE restrictions when it comes to your water supply.  You can't trust your tap (even during “normal” times), You can never stock up enough water to survive long term (it's just not cost-effective and unless you've got a warehouse to spare you'll never have enough space).

Look, the average person needs a minimum of one gallon of water per day to survive… and that number goes up exponentially when you're active ( like hiking, hunting, or bugging out).  Water can't be compressed or condensed… each gallon weighs in at a monstrous 8.9lbs.

And while that might not seem like much, think about how quickly it adds up.  A three-day supply tips the scales at 26.7 lbs! But remember, the AquaStiq™ filters up to 264 gallons… fits in your back pocket, and only weighs in at 2 ounces…

The simple fact is… an AquaStiq™ water filter straw could be the difference between surviving and thriving in a disaster.  It's an absolutely priceless piece of survival gear that every single, hiker, biker, hunter and survivalist needs to carry in their packs.

And right now as a special thank you for being a valued member of the Survival Life community you can grab your very own AquaStiq™  at an incredible discount…  But honestly, at this price, they will run out soon… If you want to shore up your survival supplies and make sure you never need to worry about water for you or your family again…Click the button below and grab yours NOW!

check-availability-button| Water-filter-straw




P.S. If they're still available, this could be your one and only chance to snag one for your car, your home, and your gear… Don't shell out hundreds on other filters that work half as well as the AquaStiq™…but most of all, don't let you or your family get caught with your pants down when the well runs dry.

Failing Water Supply Threatens Millions- What You Need To Know…

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