3 Strongest Handguns Of All Time

magnum handgun scope | 3 Strongest Handguns Of All Time

Are you looking for another powerful handgun to add to your collection? Let us help you out with that. Here are three of the most powerful and strongest handguns ever developed, and why they’re so well-loved.

The Strongest Handguns You Can Own Right Now

Some people have it in their heads that handguns are necessarily “weaker” or pea-shooters compared to modern rifles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are plenty of powerful handguns that can knock you on your rear if you aren’t careful. Don’t believe us? Check out our recommendations below! They’re great for intimidation, self-defense, and just the cool factor.

1. Smith & Wesson 29 Handgun

There are few handguns as iconic as the “Dirty Harry” pistol—the Smith & Wesson Classic 29.

This variation is chambered for the infamous 44 Magnum cartridges that’ll stop absolutely anything that tries to come at you, making this a finalizer for any confrontation.

It has a 6.5-inch barrel length and a blue nitride finish to prevent corrosion from affecting the metallic parts of the gun.

You’ll also really appreciate the stylish handle that comes with a textured palm plate to prevent you from dropping them too easily.

It features a six-round capacity like a classic revolver and a crisp trigger pull.

Get good with this and there’s no self-defense situation where you’ll ever doubt if you’re able to take down your opponent in record time.

Perhaps best of all, this handgun is small enough that you can conceal and carry it in a variety of common holsters without things being too uncomfortable.

2. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX

This is another popular handgun that became well-known through movies and video games. But the media didn’t lie about this weapon’s stopping power or it’s killing potential.

It’s a variation of a military sidearm that’s chambered for 50 caliber ammunition, so there’s no doubt that it will be able to put down a target of practically any size.

It’s a perfect choice for both self-defense and for tactical engagements. You can also use it capably as a hunting sidearm, particularly if you are taking down bigger animals.

MS desert eagle strongest handguns 1

Desert Eagle XIX image by Magnum Research

This specific model comes with several impressive finishes you can choose from to add your distinctive aesthetic to the weapon.

They also all come with a full Weaver-style accessory rail, enabling you to add a variety of optics or other attachments to the weapon as you please.

The gun is designed with ambidextrous safeties, so it’s good for both right and left-handed users, too.

3. Ruger Super Redhawk .44 REM Magnum

This last piece is a bit less well-known than the first two, but it’s still quite a powerful handgun that’ll put a stop to any aggression.

Like the Dirty Harry cannon, this handgun is chambered for 44 Magnum ammunition, and it has a comfortable, cushioned grip to prevent the recoil from traveling too far up your arm.

Finger grooves make it exceptionally easy to carry or hold, even with a sweaty hand

This model comes with a hammer-forged barrel and an extended frame, boosting its accuracy to the greatest extent possible.

The frame is machined to accept Ruger-made scope rings, so you can add an optic to this weapon for even better long-distance shooting potential.

Again, this is a great choice if you want a sidearm for concealed carry or for general self-defense purposes, as it’s not as bulky or uncomfortable to wear at your side as a Desert Eagle.

All Three Are Worth Your Money

All in all, there have been plenty of handguns throughout history that have been true hand cannons, capable of stopping anything and anyone in their tracks. Any of the above choices will deliver both stopping power and accuracy.

Let us know which of these strongest handguns is your favorite or which you’ve tried in the comments section!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on May 11, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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3 Strongest Handguns Of All Time

  1. Errol Ross says:

    In what category is the Ruger 454 Casuul,7.5 inch barrel ?

  2. Greg Heitland says:

    Super magnum! .454 and above, encompassing short rifle loads.

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