Stupid People With Guns: How NOT To Handle A Firearm

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March 27, 2019 / Comments (16)

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Seeing stupid people with guns online is no laughing matter. Raising awareness is a must to avoid shooting accidents, so check out this article on how not to handle a firearm.

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In this article:

    1. Improper Gun Handling Will Most Likely Lead to Shooting Accidents
      1. The Situation
    2. 3 Tips to Avoid Accidental or Negligent Firing
      1. Learn Basic Firearm Safety Rules Before Holding One
      2. Never Rely on the Safety
      3. Keep Your Trigger Finger Straight If You Need to Play with It

The Lessons Stupid People with Guns Need to Learn Right Now

Improper Gun Handling Will Most Likely Lead to Shooting Accidents

Guns are pretty dangerous when they are in the hands of people who don't know how to use them safely and properly.

The Internet has tons of proof of this claim, with thousands of videos online showing stupid people with guns accidentally shooting themselves or other people, sometimes with unfortunate results. The story below is a clear example of people doing stupid things and how not to handle a firearm.

The Situation

Above is a YouTube video by Tossing Salad. According to the caption, the person in the video is a wannabe rapper who was playing around with a gun.

Anyone would notice the wannabe rapper is the one who is filming himself rapping with his iPhone using his right hand and waving his gun in the air with his left hand.

Three seconds into the video, the wannabe rapper playfully shoots the mirror. He then waves the gun to the side while continuing his rap performance.

At the 6-second mark, the wannabe rapper appears to have pulled the trigger, causing the gun to go off. The guy was startled and abruptly stopped filming.

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3 Tips to Avoid Accidental or Negligent Firing

While we may never know if the guy owns the gun or has the license to do so, the video clearly shows he does not know how to properly handle a gun. We are also gonna go out on a limb here and say this guy really should never hold a firearm.

Nonetheless, there is a valuable lesson to be learned in the video: Guns are not toys to be played with! Here are some safety tips for handling a gun:

1. Learn Basic Firearm Safety Rules Before Holding One

A responsible person would take it upon himself to know the four rules of firearm safety. Whether you just bought a new gun or have handled a gun a few times, these four rules will quell any trepidation:

  • Every gun is always loaded.
  • Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Finger off the trigger until sight is on target and you have decided to shoot it.
  • Be sure of your target and what's around it.

2. Never Rely on the Safety

Just because the safety is on does not mean it will not fire even if you pull the trigger. There is still a likelihood of the gun firing. And should it fire, you can never take the shot back.

It also pays to learn and understand the firearm and how to clean it properly.

3. Keep Your Trigger Finger Straight If You Need to Play with It

While it can be tempting to put on a show like Machine Gun Kelly, you should at least keep your finger away from the trigger. The guy in the video made this grave mistake, which caused the firearm to go off.

Straighten your trigger finger and rest it on the barrel so the grip remains comfortable.


In this video are the compilation of stupid people and their guns from Just Funny Videos:

There is some debate about the validity of this video because some say it is a fake gun. It does not matter because, at the end of the day, people with guns need to be responsible when handling firearms.

We can only hope there was only slight property damage and no one was injured.

Do you have other gun fails stories to share? We can all learn a lesson or two from you. Share your stories in the comments section below.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on May 21, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Stupid People With Guns: How NOT To Handle A Firearm

  1. momo says:

    finger off the trigger

  2. Fred Walk says:

    Aborted before birth.

  3. D Carpenter says:

    What is that jibberish he is speaking?!
    And I agree with Fred Walk

  4. Timothy Grasmick says:

    I have seen this whole video before. Cant help but laugh when he starts freaking out. This punk has no business with any firearm.

  5. olgagonzalezchavez says:

    by not being born ,

  6. william weaver says:

    keep his finger off of trigger

  7. Nicholas cousins says:

    What the fu#k was this brain dead moron saying? Whatever it was I wish he had the muzzle to his head….get this idiot off the planet.

  8. Craig Bathurst says:

    Don’t touch a gun ever again. You remind me of a three stooges episode that i saw as a kid back in the 1960’s.

  9. David Brickner says:

    Quit acting like a stupid homie!!

  10. Andi says:

    Yes, better trigger finger discipline would have done it. I suggest putting him through gangsta-rap culture detox protocol. “Put yo daddy’s gun back, bitch!”

  11. Ray says:

    Too bad that the vile juvie wigger wasn’t pointing his NINE at his brain deficient head.

  12. i think that its very great idea. but what about the back ground check.if there a way to adovid the check.i mean things things that happend20 + years ago. the i have a perfect record one messed up one.time.and you have to pay for it the rest of your life.

  13. Keith Davidson says:

    The look on this twinks face: From Mr. Bad-ass to pussy-boy in 0.01s

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did he kill him neighbour through the wall?

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