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Surfing is becoming more and more popular over the past decades and a plethora of destinations are readily available for anyone who desires to try it. Read on and check out some of the best spots in the USA to catch a tasty wave!

Uncle Sam's Best Surfing Destinations

Surfing is a wave-dependent recreational activity and it is one of those sports people with prying, and transient state of mind indulge in. It's unpredictable and its ever-changing arena will surely satisfy anyone who loves thrills and challenges. And speaking of thrill, part of it is searching for the best waves. Whether it's in a remote location without any signs of civilization or a famous city where surfers throng, finding a surfer's heaven is already an adventure. So on that note, here are some of the best surf breaks in Uncle Sam's waters:


Santa Cruz, California

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Santa Cruz is absolutely a surfing mecca for every surfer regardless of their skill level and experience. For beginners, there's Pleasure Point and Capitola Beach which are ideal destinations for anyone who wishes to try this activity. Surfers with intermediate skill level flock Cowell's beach to perfect their wave-catching ability. But if you're a more experienced surfer, then there's the famous Steamer Lane that offers world-class waves.

Montauk, New York

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Montauk is a peaceful fishing town located at the east end of Long Island, New York. This spot, locally known as “The End”, is one of the most sought-after surfing destinations in the U.S. There are endless swells converging from all directions so everyone who visits this place can expect awesome waves and an exceptional coastline.

Malibu, California

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Malibu is indeed an iconic surfing spot. This long, immaculate stretch of south-facing coast boasts several surf breaks like Surfrider, Little Dume, and Zuma Beach. Due to its nearness to Hollywood, it has had its upshots for surfers around the world and throughout history. This haven played a colossal hand in the relationship between the mainstream society and surfers. Malibu is a very relaxed place despite the slew of pop-culture figures who might drop in anytime.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

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Despite its ominous and sinister-sounding name, Kill Devil Hills offers the serenity and virtually endless quality waves a surfer is dreaming about. A consistent swell magnet that leans heavier and stronger than its neighbors. So when the swell hits you, prepare to get barrelled.

San Clemente, California

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Situated between San Diego and Los Angeles is the unpolished yet unquestionably wave-rich San Clemente. This “Spanish Village by the Sea” is blessed with awesome swells all throughout the year. Its geographical position is the reason why this surfing destination is exposed to both summertime south swells and winter north swells. San Clemente is home to popular breaks like San-O, Trestles, and Doheny.

Haleiwa, Hawaii

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Haleiwa is a world-class surfing destination. This surfer's haven is not for the faint-hearted for waves can grow as high as 50 feet and produce an exemplary condition for surfers with advanced skills and experience. The waves along the stretch of Haleiwa to Turtle bay is absolutely the best in the U.S.

Encinitas, California

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Encinitas offers excellent surfing all throughout the year. It embodies a “surfy” vibe more than its neighboring counterparts. Expect a vast sea of surfing enthusiasts during summer and a considerable combination of waves and wind. There is a handful of surf staples a surfing aficionado can choose from such as Cardiff Reef, Seaside, D Street and Swamis. This is one exceptional destination to experience surfing and the awesome vibes of California.


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It may be a long, strenuous and sometimes expensive task looking for the best waves but once you have found the right spot it will surely be rewarding. For a surfer, nothing can surpass the feeling of catching and riding the waves. It is their personal “nirvana” that gives them a euphoric sense of freedom. So if you haven't tried surfing before, maybe now is the time to experience it. Choose your destination and surf's up!

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