Survival Food Kits | Tips On Preparing Food Kits For Survival

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September 6, 2019 / Comments (2)

Survival Kit

Food is our only source of energy that allows us to do our daily tasks. To prepare for survival situations, survival food kits are a must.
But what exactly do we put in them? As much as watermelons kill two birds with one stone by providing food and hydration, do you really want to haul that much weight in your pack? Furthermore, high calorie and protein-filled goods are what we need. Check out some tips on preparing your survival food kits.

Survival Food Kits | Tips On Preparing Food Kits For Survival

There are lots of animals to trap or hunt in the wild but if you aren't that lucky, you will starve to death in survival situations. However, you can avoid this by preparing emergency food kits to get you through when times get rough. So what do we really need in order to prepare our survival food kits? Check out these tips below!

Compact Food Kit For Easy Storage

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Considering the limited space in your hunting pack, food reserves should be in small, compact pieces. In addition, you don't have to bring large amounts of food. Replacing your burnt calories during the first few days is your food kit's main purpose and not a sustainable food source!

Long Survival Food Kits Storage Life

In addition to being compact, your emergency food kit should still be edible when the need to eat it arises. Energy bars and naturally preserved meat like jerky have long shelf lives.

Water To Wash Food Down

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As we all know, humans can't survive with food alone. Water is more important than food and more importantly, it washes down food so we can swallow with ease. Always be sure to include a water filter in your survival food kit!

Carbs For Energy

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Finally, your survival food kit should have lots of carbohydrates. Carbs are what give us the energy to do our daily tasks. You should always pack something like hard tack biscuits or energy bars purchased from a local grocery. They're filled with not only carbs but muscle building protein content as well!

If you want to make your own ship biscuits, see how Carl & Jinger does it by clicking the play button below!

It's simply hard making the right decisions on an empty stomach. Hence, if you want to find your way back to civilization, your mind needs to work at its best. Never starve during a survival scenario with the right kinds of food packed inside your survival food kits!

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