12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage

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Don't Go Hungry When the Power Goes Out

Power outages are no fun. There are ways to get through them with flashlights, candles, extra blankets, warm clothes, etc. But what about feeding your family during a power outage? Here are 12 great, nutritious ideas to keep your family full, happy, and healthy when the power goes out.

1. Canned vegetables and fruits

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Canned vegetables and fruits are great to have around during a power outage. They are convenient, healthy, and tasty. Just make sure you always have a handheld can opener around.

2. Canned Meats

canned meats

Canned meats will provide the protein needed for you and your family during a power outage. Granted, it’s not a juicy steak, but it’s a good compromise in a survival situation.

3. Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? It has a long shelf life, and it also provides the protein your body needs in a survival situation.

Check out this tasty homemade peanut butter recipe from our friends at Homemade Recipes.

4. Food From Your Own Garden

A vegetable garden is a must-have for any survivalist, as it provides the purest form of vitamins needed by your body daily. It’s a guaranteed daily food supply for you and your family.

Some of you may think that if you live in a smaller space, like an apartment or a townhome, it’s impossible to have a garden…but that's not true! Check out these articles on how you can have a dream garden in your smaller space.

5. Dehydrated Foods

beef jerky

Dehydrated foods, such as beef jerky, are another food that will last forever…especially if it's vacuum sealed in plastic afterward. Check out this delicious beef jerky recipe from our friends at DIY Ready.

6. Instant Oatmeal

instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is a great breakfast solution in a survival situation. Most people like to dissolve their oatmeal with hot water, which, unfortunately, is not readily available during a power outage. But cold water will still dissolve the instant oatmeal, and if you top it off with some canned fruit (my favorite is canned peaches) then you will have a great-tasting serial full of nutrition. If you have fruits in your garden, that would be even better!

7. Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

fruit roll ups

These fruit roll-ups are great for the entire family. When the power goes out, these make a convenient and healthy snack. Check out this handmade fruit roll-up recipe from our friends at Pioneer Settler.

8. Hardtack


Hardtack has been around for ages. In the past, it was given to soldiers in times of war. It was a food source they could (and would) keep for long periods…and it lasted forever!

Check out this simple hardtack recipe from our friends at DIY Ready.

9. Chocolate Chia Survival Bars

choc chia bars

These Chocolate Chia Survival Bars are another great survival food for the entire family. They have a great shelf life, are easy to make, and they taste great! Making these beforehand in case of a power outage (or any other survival situation) is a great way to spend time with the kids. I mean, what child doesn’t love helping in the kitchen when there’s chocolate involved?

You can find the simple recipe here.

10. Canning


Canning vegetables from your garden will preserve them and when the power goes out, you’ll have a food source that is healthy for the entire family.

Check out this article, 26 Canning Ideas and Recipes, from our friends at Pioneer Settler.

11. Honey


Honey has many medicinal benefits and is a tasty and extremely healthy addition to many other foods. In my opinion, honey is one of nature’s perfect foods. And it will last a very long time!

12. Mixed Nuts

mixed nuts

Mixed nuts are an excellent source of protein. They are a must-have food (in my opinion) in the event of a power outage. Like honey, mixed nuts also make a great addition to many other foods, like oatmeal or fresh fruit from your garden.


12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Apr 22, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage

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