How To Fortify Survival Shelters Against The Elements

Building Shelter Without Tools

August 28, 2023 / Comments (1)


If you want to survive when SHTF, you don't just need gear. You need real skills. Being able to meet your survival needs when all you have is your own two hands can make the difference between life and death.

Strengthen Your Survival Shelters

In parts 1 and 2 of this video series, you learned the importance of regulating body temperature and how to design your survival shelters based on this. In parts 3 and 4 you learned how to structure your shelter and how to insulate it effectively.

Now, in the conclusion, you'll learn how to make adjustments to your survival shelters to fortify them against the elements.  You'll learn strategies for dealing with wind, rain, bugs and more!  Check it out!

There are many types of survival shelters that you can build. It all depends on what materials are available in the place that you are in. If you have your bug out bag with you and happen to have a tent, tarp or at least an emergency blanket, well and good. Otherwise you'll need to make the most of what is around you. Being in the woods would be a great bonus since you have leaves, twigs and branches to use to build shelter.

Survival shelters are your best friend against the elements. After all, the weather becomes your greatest enemy when you are outdoors facing a SHTF situation. It's always important to remember that you can only live for 3 hours without shelter. So if there is no chance for you to get to a building or any decent shelter, you need to think and act fast. Consider building survival shelters are a basic skill to help you get through the hardest times. Disasters always happen unexpectedly and suddenly so knowledge in crafting a roof over your head would be priceless.

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How To Fortify Survival Shelters Against The Elements

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    What an idiot! I suppose you never spent the day in the woods without a shelter.

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