Survival Hacks Using a Tampon

Survival Hacks Using a Tampon

We know what you’re thinking. A tampon? But before you go getting all weird about this little device used by females each month, keep an open mind.

This little gadget has multiple uses for survival. In addition, it is super convenient, small, lightweight, and inexpensive. Snag a couple of these from under the bathroom sink and stow away in your survival bag.

Buckle up for our six favorite ways to use a tampon in survival situations:

1. Medical Bandage

This super absorbent and thick cotton is made to withstand a decent amount of fluid. It can be used to help plug up a wound or gash, stop a nosebleed, or cover a deep cut. Cover with medical tape or wrap with anything you may have.

The cotton is thick and can do a good job packing a wound or applying pressure to it. We seriously doubt that you will care how a tampon looks hanging out of your nose when in survival mode.

2. Fire Tinder

Remember, cotton? Cotton makes a great flame starter. Take the cotton out from inside the plastic tubing of the tampon and pull it apart. Use this as a tinder when starting a fire.

You can get quite a bit from one tampon, so start out by using a little at a time and attempt to preserve some if you need more as your fire burns or for another fire later on. To get that flame even bigger, rub a little petroleum jelly on the cotton first.

3. Ear Plugs

In a buggy situation or noisy disaster situation? Break off some of that cotton and create some protective plugs for your ears. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

4. Straw

Take the cotton out (store for something else) and use the plastic applicator as a straw for drinking fresh water from brooks or streams or even morning dew on vegetation. In addition, you can use the straw to blow air out when starting a fire.

5. Patch a Hole

Grab some of that cotton and use it to patch a hole in your tent, sleeping bag, poncho, or whatever you may need. It may not be a long term fix, but can certainly make the evening more tolerable by keeping bugs or water out.

6. Water Filter

Hear us out. This is NOT a perfect system and will not kill bacteria in water. But it can help filter out large debris. Take the cotton from inside the tampon and stuff it into the neck of the water bottle, flip it over, and let the water drain through the cotton, leaving large sediments behind. Be sure to boil after this step before drinking.

Hopefully, by now, you are a little more inclined to help a female in your life out by grabbing a box of these at the store when she is in need. This little device is perfect for your survival bag.

And just for fun, did you know that tampons have been used for years for treating battleground wounds? They are sterile, inexpensive, and actually classified as an FDA Class II Medical Device.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 13, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

2 Responses to :
Survival Hacks Using a Tampon

  1. Yosemite says:

    Actually the female sanitary pads were originally designed for or to be bandages in WWI (IF memory serves correctly)
    Then someone came up with the idea to put them to another use.
    A box or Two of the pads are a lot of sterile bandages at relatively inexpensive prices.

    I have heard to only use the UNSCENTED tampons and to be careful about putting tampons in wounds unless there is going to be a doctor around to remove it.

    Perhaps someone has more and correct knowledge on this?

  2. ken says:

    These handy items can also be used for severe nosebleeds until medical intervention is available.

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