15 Survival Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Be Following

15 Survival Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Be Following

Social media might seem like an unwelcome distraction most of the time, but platforms like Instagram are great sources of bite-sized information on survival.

Sure, you might need to hunt them down between all the trendy socialites and narcissists. However, those hidden gems are fantastic for keeping updated with survival skills and tips, trends, and even gear. Check out our top list of survival IG accounts worth following for inspiration!

15 Survival Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Be Following

1. G.O.S.C. (@globaloutdoorsurvivalclub)

While G.O.S.C. does post some “beauty shots,” they usually add some helpful information in the description and/or comments.

2. Survival Kit, Inc. (@surviva1kit)

Survival Kit, Inc. is a must-follow survival account on IG. You’ll find plenty of useful tips and advice.

3. Mark Kenyon (@wiredtohunt)

Hunting is an important survival skill to learn. Kenyon is a great source of information on hunting, angling, and general exploration in the wild.

4. Cameron Hanes (@cameronrhanes)

Another hunter worth following on Instagram is Cameron Hanes. An absolute beast of a man, Hanes is a wealth of knowledge on athleticism, hunting, and becoming the apex predator in the wild.

5. Outdoor Box Club (@outdoorboxclub)

This is a bit of wild card entry, but Outdoor Box Club is a great account to follow if you want to receive survival gear at discount prices. For just $42/month, they’ll send a box of gear to your front door.

6. ScentLok (@scentlok_technologies)

While they focus on hunting apparel specifically, even non-hunters will appreciate the high-quality Carbon Alloy technology that goes into the odor-absorbing gear ScentLok produces.

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Congratulations Slade on a great buck!

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7. Scent Kapture (@scentkapture)

Speaking of keeping odors away, Scent Kapture is a US-based Mossy Oak product line designed to do exactly what its name suggests. When you’re bugging out for a long time and water is scarce, keep your odors under control and hunt more efficiently.

8. Georgia Bushcraft (@georgiabushcraft)

This is a great survival Instagram account to follow if you take your survival skills seriously. Georgia Bushcraft offers venues specifically for learning such skills in a safe environment.

9. Urban Survivalist Hacks (@urbansurvivalisthacks)

If you thought SHTF scenarios are limited to the wild, think again. Urban Survivalist Hacks will help prepare you for urban survival situations, which is an often overlooked preparation area.

10. Tips for SHTF (@offthegridguide)

Speaking of SHTF preparedness, you’ll still want to keep updated on wilderness survival. And if you’re planning on moving off grid, then Tips for SHTF is a must-follow survival Instagram account.

11. KUIU (@kuiu_official)

Bringing us back to gear-based survival IG accounts is KUIU. If you want to prepare for surviving in mountainous terrain, then KUIU’s ultralight hunting gear is going to help take you one giant step closer to survival.

12. SITKA Gear (@sitkagear)

Once again, this is a survival IG account that actually focuses on hunting apparel. But as hunting is an integral part of survivalism, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the content here.

13. Survival Life Outdoor (@survival.life.outdoor)

Don’t let the name confuse you – this is a totally different group. Survival Life Outdoor focuses on camping and tactical gear for the serious survivalist.

14. Camping and Outdoors (@survival.tools)

If you’re looking for some more survival tips and gear highlights, then this is a must-follow survival account for you.

15. Survival Life (@survivallife)

You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves out, did you? If you’ve been enjoying our content, you’ll love following us on IG too!


So there you have it – 15 survival Instagram accounts we feel are worth following. Know of any others we should add to our list? Drop a comment below!

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