Survival Preparedness Tips for Diabetics

Survival Preparedness Tips for Diabetics

Disaster strikes and survival mode sets in. This is scary enough, but being diabetic and trying to live through a survival situation is can be even scarier without some extra preparation.

Survival Preparedness Tips for Diabetics

Here are some tips that will help you get started in your extra prep stages:


Our first tip is to split your insulin between as many bags as possible so the loss of a bag isn't a life or death situation. Packing your insulin safely is important. Bubble wrap may be a great way of protecting your insulin. Find something lightweight that won’t take up a ton of extra space in your bag.

If your survival situation includes travel, you will face the dilemma of keeping your insulin at the proper temperature. You can improvise by wrapping insulin in something damp or placing it in flowing water. However, do not allow your insulin to become so cold that it freezes.

Remember, if your insulin breaks or if you run out, then you need to drink a lot of water to prevent ketoacidosis.


The most important item for a diabetic is food. Pack low density snacks and meals such as energy bars. These bars are lightweight and usually pack the right balance of carbs, protein and sugar.

Avoid very sugary survival food or food high in carbs. If you find yourself low on prepared food, then you may want to learn to make your own granola. It’s inexpensive and will keep you going in a survival situation. Keep the bulk ingredients as part of your prepper supply.

Another great food option is beans. They are high fiber and packed with protein and vitamins. Plus, they are so high in fiber, they slow down other carbs in your body as well.

One more item you should always have in your survival bag is a supply of nuts and seeds. They are packed with protein and omega 3s. These work to keep your blood sugar low.

The right vitamins may also do the trick when need a boost. One vitamin some doctors suggest is Chromium. Chromium is found in some vegetables, meats and whole grains. It has been shown to cause a boost in insulin production which can be crucial in a survival situation.

Be sure to monitor your energy levels

Remember not to push yourself too much because you want to keep as much energy as you can so you are ready to handle whatever comes up in your survival situation.

If you are not in a survival situation, but simply spending time in the wilderness, be sure to register with the park office. Our National Parks have a simple registration process with rangers that can be a lifesaver. You’ll outline your patch and time planned in the park. Don’t forget to mention that you are diabetic.

As a diabetic, it is wise to never hike more than 6 hours from civilization in order to access medical help in a timely manner if needed.

Being in a survival situation is tough enough. These survival preparedness tips for diabetics can make the survival prep easier.

If you are diabetics and have found some great survival tips, we want to hear from you. Comment below to let us know what you do when you are camping or how you’ve prepped for survival situations…


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