How To Survive When Stranded At Sea

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It’s summer, and many of you may be headed to the beach.  While it’s good to know how to swim, and to wear a life vest when on a boat, surviving while stranded at sea takes some special skills.

Stranded At Sea | Survival Tips

Check out this video to learn what you can do to keep yourself from drowning or becoming shark bait.

Probably the most challenging survival condition to be in is when you are stranded at sea. How long you survive will depend on the equipment and ration available, along with your ingenuity. You need to learn sea survival skills in order to survive.

Of course, if you know how to swim, you have a very high chance of surviving when stranded at sea. Dog paddle is a basic swimming stroke which is performed by using the legs and arms in the same way as climbing a ladder. Breast stroke can also be used in every type of water, whether calm or rough. It is also ideal for underwater swimming. Moreover, treading water is useful when you need to stop and observe.

However, in case you are shipwrecked far from the shore, it is best not to try swimming to shore. Instead, try to stay afloat until you are rescued. Floating on your back usually uses the least energy of the body while stranded at sea.

By using proper breathing techniques, your face will be out of the water. You can actually sleep in this floating position for short periods of time. If the sea is quite rough and it is difficult for you float on your back, then float in the water face down. Obviously you’ll need to turn around to the surface once in a while to breathe.

It is extremely important to know sea survival skills. But also, your survival on the water depends on your ability to make use of the available equipment and your will to stay alive.

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