Adding Value To Our Future

December 13, 2012 Click Here To See The Comments It never fails to amaze me when one of my little brothers tells me that something is ONLY $100.00.  When I was growing up I had to learn the value of a...

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December 13, 2012 / Comments (11)

No Fuel? No Problem!

November 29, 2012 Click Here To See The Comments You’re out in the woods, stranded. It’s getting dark and you need to make a fire fast. You have all the twigs, sticks, and logs that you could...

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November 29, 2012 / Comments (3)

You Asked For It: Nana’s Biscuits Recipe

November 8, 2012 Click Here To See The Comments A few weeks ago I posted an article about cast iron cooking. While replying to comments, I reminisced about my grandmother's homemade biscuits that she cooked...

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November 8, 2012 / Comments (21)

Halloween is over… Now what to do with all this candy?

November 1, 2012 Click Here To See The Comments If like most people with children, last night, your little ones have taken in way more Halloween candy than they should ever eat. You will probably be forced...

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November 1, 2012 / Comments (6)