How to Survive a Hostage Situation or Terrorist Attack

September 21, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments In the last several weeks, there have been a lot of headlines about hostage situations and terrorist attacks. On November 13, members of the Islamic State...

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10 Everyday Activities That Expose YOU As a Terrorist?

September 20, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Terrorist! A word that strikes fear into every single red blooded patriotic American. But who is a terrorist? What makes a person a terrorist? What puts...

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How To Open Can Without Can Opener

September 18, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Have you ever been truly hungry? Have you ever been truly thirsty? Do you know to what limits you are willing to go in order to satisfy those basic needs? The...

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7 Self-Defense Video Techniques You Need To Know

September 15, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Looking for self-defense techniques? Check out these videos and learn how to defend yourself when the situation calls for it! RELATED: The Ultimate Guide To...

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Lighting the Way: Increase Your Flashlight’s Run Time

September 12, 2023 How You Can Increase Your Flashlight's Run Time? Click Here To See The Comments We are going to take a long run time flashlight (65 hours) and turn it into a longer run time flashlight...

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3 Quick Tips To Identify Dry Firewood

September 2, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments When you need a fire the most, conditions are often the worst for it. But if you don't have properly seasoned wood, building a good fire can be incredibly...

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One Quick, Simple, & Dirty Way To Deal With Snakes

August 29, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments A few days ago, my buddy Nick Gillick from pointed me to an article that showed how someone managed to find an ingenious way to get rid of the...

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Camping Made Simple: Camping Hacks

August 24, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Surviving the family camping trip requires more than food, water, and shelter. In order to return from the wilderness with your sanity intact, not to mention...

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Spider Bite? Here’s How To Treat It

August 20, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Spider bites can be deadly and painful. It is important to be able to recognize spider bite symptoms quickly after they appear and to be prepared to...

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DIY Paracord Hammock Chair

August 15, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments A DIY paracord hammock chair makes a great project for preppers. You can set up this DIY paracord chair just about anywhere in the woods as long as there are...

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