10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

Survival Visual Tips

Information is power, especially when it comes in graphic form.
These visual representations of prepper information are packed full of useful tips, hacks, ideas, and information.

10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

1. The Basics – How to Survive

A quick visual to check your preparedness.

2. Survival Knife Variations

With so many knife choices out there, this infographic breaks down the different types. For even more about survival knives, check out this list of Top Ten Best Survival Knife Uses!

3. Altoid Survival Kit DIY

Create one of these tiny survival kits with this easy DIY.

4. How Handguns Work

This fun, moving graphic shows the mechanics of a handgun.
Want more about guns? Here are 6 Video Survival Gun Reviews to watch. 

5. How to Sleep Warm

With some quick tips for staying warm, a quick look at this infographic could help keep you comfortable in a survival situation.

6. Water Storage Tips

Water is vital in an emergency situation, and knowing how to store it is key to staying hydrated.

Do you know your options for water purification? Read up here: How To Purify Water

7. Emergency Food Fails

Take a look at this infographic to avoid some major food fails in survival situations.

8. Guns and Ammo – The New Gold?

With the price of guns and ammunition rising by the day, this infographic breaks down the value they represent.

9. Gun Violence in the US

This infographic gives insight into the relationship of gun violence and gun ownership in the US and other countries.

10. Survival Tips and Hacks

Some quick and easy hacks that could have a huge payoff in a survival situation.

Interested in survival tips? Read up on Water Purification!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on March 3, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

  1. trent says:

    As Gary mentioned, your information on Gun violence is also misleading because ultimately, we are worried about being murdered and violent crime, not how we are killed, correct? The UK has a much higher violent crime rate then we do for example, even though less guns. Lets talk murder rates, not gun murder rates. China just shot up in murders with knives for example.

  2. Greg says:

    Entire email did not download. Sorry to complain but how do I get rid of that annoying bar that invites a person to write for Survival Life? Thanks.

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