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A gunpoint situation at you is probably one of the worst situations you can be in. You can't simply reach for your weapon without risking immediate death. Find out how to respond to a gun held to your head and live to tell it, here!

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GunPoint Situation | What to Do to Survive Unscathed

1. Stay Calm

What you need to do first, of course, is do as you're told by the assailant. Be sure to stay calm. You can properly react with a calm nerve and a clear head. When you are calm, you have the capacity for quick thinking.

In any survival situation, staying calm is the most important piece of advice. It is also the hardest to do. It would seem panic is always our first reaction and it's only natural.

Gunpoint Situations

This is why staying calm is an attitude to muster and master. Try deep breathing and hold up your hands for the assailant to feel you're in no way a threat. Staying calm is also how you get leverage from your assailant.

Every second you are still alive is a precious time you can use against your assailant. Also, acting in panic will generate the same if not worse reaction from the gun-toting criminal.

2. Assess the Situation

A gun pointed at your head is not an easy situation to handle. It will take a lot of guts and quick movements to escape. First of all, you need to assess the scenario very carefully. Self-preservation should be your top priority.

What are you being held up for? If the bad guy wants your phone, wallet, or the keys to your car then give it to him. Ask yourself. Are these items more important than my life?

Gunpoint Situations

These are only material things and you can always get a replacement after the incident. No items or material is worth dying for. In these situations, you would also like to be able to identify your attacker for the authorities.

It is one of the steps you could take to help avoid others being held at gunpoint. Look for unique features like a mole, birthmark, or piercings.

A lot of people are 6 feet and assessing these features while you're held at gunpoint will help a little.

3. Quick Thinking

These kinds of situations happen in split seconds so you have to think as fast, too. Staying calm, assessing the situation, and quick thinking have to happen within a split-second of each other.

Gunpoint Situations

Quick thinking will allow you to buy some time and every second you survive is time in your favor. Try to look your assailant in the eye, but not in a defiant or confrontational manner.

Trying to look at your attacker in the eye can be nerve-racking but it will make them uncomfortable. Your primary purpose is to try to appeal to his/her humanity. Even stone-cold killers will not look their victims in the eye.

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4. Always Be Prepared

It is important to remember that the gun is loaded and any mistake from you could lead to fatal consequences. Make sure your body is in tip-top shape, exercise regularly, and watch your diet.

Gunpoint Situations

Getting enough rest will also help. It is easy to see how fitness and physical preparedness can help in the long term. You will be more confident about physically defending yourself when the need arises.

5. Act Fast

In Episode 3 of “Don't Be A Victim” from our sister-site Gun Carrier, you will learn how to disarm a gunman who has a gun pointed at you.

These techniques could save your life in one of the most dangerous situations you might ever face. But remember, this should only serve as your last recourse!

Gunpoint Situations

If the assailant is not after your things but is intent on taking your life then it is time to act and act quickly. It may sound easy but if you want to master the technique, then you need to practice it over and over.

This way when you get into the situation, your movements will be almost like second nature.

6. Avoid the Situation

At this point, we've already established being held at gunpoint is something no one would want. There are ways so you can avoid these situations in the first place.

Gunpoint Situations

These tips could help:

  • Be familiar with your area or any place you are going to.
  • Don't be flashy with your expensive items and gadgets.
  • Avoid walking by yourself especially when drunk.
  • Steer clear of aggressive people.
Watch this video by Gun Carrier on how to disarm someone with a gun pointed at you:
A gun to the head is a situation no one will dream of getting into, let alone, deal with an assailant. Anticipating these kinds of situations and taking steps to help you handle them will not hurt.
In fact, it could help save your life and someone else's in need. Now you know what to do and it's up to you to use this information smartly and responsibly. Take the steps in surviving a gun-to-your-head situation and survive!

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What do you think would you do when a gun is pointed at you? Share your insights in the comments section below! 

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8 Responses to :
How To Survive At Gunpoint Situations | American Gun Association

  1. Dave says:

    It takes the human brain about .5 sec. ‘before’ that person can make a reaction to just about anything. That only gives .5sec. to get your head out of the way…no matter how you do it and try to control the gun…which will probably discharge at some point in the process. IF this is what you want to do…practice until you don’t even think about the movement…and pray that the person with the gun is not the ‘nervous type’…with ‘twitchy’ fingers.

    1. Reader says:

      That’s very sound advice, Dave.

  2. Bob Weiniger says:

    You need to be SCARY fast and absolutely resolute In order to pull this maneuver off, successfully.

  3. Priness Lela says:

    Totally awesome !!! Thx so much for the info ** 🙂

  4. Jp says:

    Even without a lot of practice stuff like this is still in the brain. An a slim chance is better then no chance..

  5. Val says:

    I was robbed at gun point some years back while working as a gas station attendant.
    I did NOT look at the gunman in the eye, beyond the very first glance.
    Instead I focused completely on complying with his demands. Also I did not want him to think I was trying to memorize his face or was trying to be defiant.
    Just some feedback from someone who has been there and lived to tell the tale.

  6. Philip Edwards says:

    Someone intent on using a firearm during the commission of a crime best think twice. As the criminal has a good chance of being shot by the person who is legally carrying a concealed weapon. There’s more folks then you think carrying weapons for protection

  7. Ted says:

    Da me no good gun scare me bad no gun boom boom boom bad me scared when the gun go boom I scared to be boom.

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