Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside

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When the National Weather Service sends a winter storm warning, you need to do whatever it takes to make it through. Read on and find out how you can survive the blistering cold when trapped outdoors!

Winter Storm Warning: Safety Midst The Biting Cold

Winter weather can go from pleasant to violent in a matter of hours. Whether you’re on the road or out in the wild for a winter camping trip, it’s crucial to know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when a winter storm warning is in effect and until the storm passes. Below are the things you need to do when the next winter storm unleashes its wrath.


1. Stay Inside Your Car or Tent During a Winter Storm Warning

Stay Inside Your Car or Tent During A Winter Storm Warning | Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside
When the snow starts stacking up and you find yourself trapped on your campsite or on the road, the best thing you can do is to stay there. Going out or driving your vehicle and braving the violent weather is a smart move. It will only put your life in dire straits when you choose to venture out in the snow. Wait for the storm to subside or until rescuers come to your aid before leaving your car or your tent.

2. Keep Warm and Dry

Keep Warm and Dry | Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside
Always keep your tent closed or car window rolled up. Do not open it until the storm is over. If you have a coat, a blanket or anything that will keep your body warm, use it. You need to stay warm and dry as much as possible to keep you from catching hypothermia or frostbite. If you have someone with you, you can use your body heat to warm one another by huddling together.

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated | Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside
Most of us might think dehydration is just a summertime concern, but the truth is, it also favors cooler months. During the winter season, the air we breathe is a lot drier and our lungs have to exert more effort to warm it up and humidify it. The more work our lungs put into warming the air, the more water we need to drink. So, make sure to drink ample amount of water. If you don’t have a water supply, you can put snow in a container and melt it using fire or your car’s heater.

4. Determine What to Do When the Storm is Over

Determine What To Do When The Storm Is Over  | Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside
When the winter storm warning is over, snowfall ends and the sun comes back out, your physical state will help you find out what comes next. If you deem it’s fit to dig your way out of a tent or your car then, by all means, do it. But if it looks impossible or even more hazardous, then wait for help to reach you. It is crucial to have a shovel in your vehicle, particularly in winter months.


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5. Seek Medical Treatment If Necessary

Seek Medical Treatment If Necessary | Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside
If one of your family member or someone in your group has symptoms of hypothermia, you need to take off your cold, wet clothes as fast as you can and replace it with dry ones. It would be better if you know a thing or two on how to deal with hypothermia to apply immediate remedy if such incident occurs.


Looking for more winter storm safety tips? Watch this video from AWE me and learn how you can survive a blizzard!

It is paramount to have knowledge of what to do when you find yourself in a life and death situation. Getting trapped outside during a winter storm should not be taken lightly for it can lead to fatal results. Gathering every necessary information or tip is good leverage to stay safe from the biting cold.

Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside

Do you have a winter storm warning tip you would like to share? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you! 

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9 Responses to :
Winter Storm Warning | Surviving a Winter Storm Trapped Outside

  1. Cj says:

    Everyone should have 5 days of eat out the can food on hand. If you have an electric home, there will be no cooking and no heat. Have bottled water or the equivalent on hand. Having lived through a blizzard, with 4 small children, you HAVE to have the foresight to protect yourself. Keep cell phones fully charged at all times. It may save your life. If you live in the city, services like water/sewer may go down, so keep an old bucket with tight lid, just in case. Make a game out of it for the kids. Let them each choose a can of something to make dinner out of. Soup is always good and they get a kick out of it.
    I always carry some protein bars or such in the car. A canned candle can provide heat and a way to melt snow if no water is available. I keep my BOB in the car 24/7 with an extra wool blanket, as I live in a rural area and nothing is guaranteed.

  2. Tim says:

    Seriously, you think you’re gonna rub 2 sticks together hard and fast enough when it’s subzero cold outside without getting sweaty and create enough friction to start a fire, especially after heavy snow fall? How many people are you responsible for killing by freezing to death idiot? You know Mr. Survival expert, they say the first skill to master in any survival situation is to think, don’t panic, don’t throw anything away, it might be useful later etc. So let’s do just that, you’ve get a late season hunting tag and you know it just might get nasty out there suddenly, away from camp, snow blowing and tough to find your way back. #1. Did you scout out your hunting area before season began, so not only do you know where likely game will be but also potential emergency shelter of trees, overhangs, etc. #2. Did you put a couple of sticks in your day pack so you could rub them together like some mad stone age caveman, and get all sweaty and wet and fail only to die a slow and painful death. Or did you use your noggin and plan ahead realizing that creeks and pools start to freeze over this time of year and under a thin coat of snow it might be an accident if you fell through, but your own fault if you don’t have a quick way to start a fire and dry off. Point in case, think ahead, go buy 5-6 self striking road flares double wrap them in Ziplock freezer bags for safety. If you get caught in a freak storm, or get wet, it is quickest you can get a fire started. Know where the closest shelter is Ie. stand of trees, rock overhang, fallen trees, something to break the wind. Trust me you’re not going to be worried about water to drink, snacks, digging a snow cave. One thought, get dry, stay warm. you’ll be shivering in about 30 seconds. Rubbing 2 sticks together to get fire is a myth in a life and death scenario and will most always end in death unless you’re Bear Grylls.

  3. johnb says:

    are you an idiot, to stay in a car with windows rolled up = death by carbon monoxide assuming you have enough gas to run the engine that long, speaking of cars and other metallic structures, regardless the interior fluf metal is as cold as the wind chill is, that’s the reason air crews are trained to NOT stay in the aircraft on emergency landing, get outside and make a shelter, if you must stay in the car until the gas runs out crack a window and run the car/truck for 20 mins at at time every hour with the heater full blast after you shut off the car/truck then roll up the window to keep the heat in. this will at least minimize carbon monoxide poisoning and stretch out your fuel supply.

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