5 Reasons To Own A Tactical Vest

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As you build your arsenal and visit ranges more often, the number of tools and accessories that you “need” can be overwhelming. From safes to range bags to holsters to targets to hearing protection and more, you can spend a fortune on supplies. As you increase your budget for shooting and self-defense gear, you may find yourself debating the investment in a tactical vest.

Why You Should Have a Tactical Vest

Tactical vests were originally designed for military use and have since been adopted by law enforcement, as well.

A modern advancement on body armor, tactical vests are lightweight and easy to wear, while still providing protection and allowing quick and easy access to a host of supplies.

For these reasons, they are gaining popularity with civilians for use when hunting, fishing, shooting, and even paintballing.

So do you really need a tactical vest? With many vests coming in at under $100 these days, you may find that the utility of the vest is well worth the price.

There are a number of reasons to pick up a tactical vest on your next supply run.

1. Adjusts to Your Size

Tactical Vests are Adjustable | Reasons to Own a Tactical Vest

The design options of vests are almost unlimited, and many have Velcro to add and remove pockets.

You can tighten and loosen the vest for comfort as well as relocate pouches to where they are most comfortable and convenient for you.

2. Holds More Than You Think

A tactical vest can hold a sidearm, 6 rifle magazines, 4 pistol magazines, shotgun shells, a radio, and your cell phone and can be rigged to hold more.

It’s hard to imagine another design that allows immediate access to so much ammunition.

3. Evenly Distributes the Weight of Your Gear

The Weight of your Gear is evenly distributed | Reasons to Own a Tactical Vest

If you rely solely on your range bag, you would need to open and rifle through it while you negotiate the weight of the bag on your shoulder.

With a vest, the weight of your gear is evenly distributed across your torso.

4. Gives Access to Your Sidearm

The holster for your sidearm is located on your torso with a tactical vest. This allows easy access while keeping the gun out of your way.

Traditional belt and drop-leg holsters can be cumbersome.

5. Provides Protection


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Depending on your budget and the design of the vest you prefer, you can also use your vest for protection.

Plate carrier vests often have padded shoulder straps to help with the added weight that comes with body armor.

Do Your Homework, Too

When shopping for your vest, doing your research will pay off. You want something sturdy and reliable, and don’t settle for a design that doesn’t meet your needs.

If you will primarily use the vest for hunting, your needs will be different than a vest for the range, or for personal protection.

Also consider the accessories you can add to your vest, like belts. If you’re going to be using your vest for long periods of time, you’ll also want to be able to add a canteen or water bottle to your setup.

There is little to be said against tactical vests, beyond that they can be heavy and the expense may not be in your current budget. But if you need to carry a lot of gear, they are a great option and a worthy investment.

Do you already have a tactical vest in mind? Please share why you're eyeing that in the comments section!

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