Life Without a Landline

June 7, 2016 The copper landline is fast disappearing and there’s little you can do about it! For over six years, the major telecom companies—AT&T and Verizon—have been pushing for customers...

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Light, Fire, and Smoke | Emergency Communication Signals

January 7, 2016 Throughout history, we have found creative ways to communicate without using sound. Read this article to learn more about emergency communication signals....

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Building Trust with Body Language

April 28, 2015 Survival doesn’t just mean stocking up on supplies, food and weapons. “Soft skills” are important in survival too. Knowing how to read a person or situation is hugely...

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Prepping with Ham Radio

December 30, 2014 In the aftermath of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, landslide or other natural disaster, or even an act of terrorism or some other catastrophic man-made event, communication...

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Communication Breakdown – How to Stay in Touch after a HEMP Attack

August 11, 2014 What is a HEMP attack? No, it’s not a bunch of hippies smoking pot on your front lawn. HEMP stands for High-Altitude nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse and is an extreme form of EMP. Any...

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