Radio Communication: Part 2 | Which Radio is Right for You?

January 28, 2016 This is the second part in our two-part series on radio communication. Do you know how you'll communicate when SHTF? Check out the post below to find out. Radio Communication: Part 2 |...

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Radio Communication: Part 1 | Staying in Contact When SHTF

January 27, 2016 When SHTF, we may have to rely on radio communication to stay in contact. This is part 1 of our 2 part series on emergency communication with radios. Radio Communication: Part 1 | Staying...

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Building Trust with Body Language

April 28, 2015 Survival doesn't just mean stocking up on supplies, food and weapons. “Soft skills” are important in survival too. Knowing how to read a person or situation is hugely beneficial...

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