Is Power Grid Failure in Our Future? | 5 Weaknesses in the National Electric Grid

October 17, 2023 If you have a conversation with a prepper, chances are it won’t take long before the subject of power grid failure comes up. You know that power grid failure is a major threat and...

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Are You Ready For The Friday The 13th Massive Solar Flare?

September 22, 2023 Major solar flares from Tuesday morning are wreaking some havoc today, as the effects have finally reached the Earth's surface. According to NOAA, the disruption of communication seen today...

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3 Must-Haves for Disaster Mitigation at Home

September 12, 2023 In any disaster, whether natural or man-made, one of the biggest concerns is how to survive without electricity. It is undeniable how important electricity is to our daily lives. Almost...

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Disaster Preparedness Tips for the Sick or Disabled

August 16, 2023 Preparedness is a culture that should be embraced by all kinds of people regardless of the condition of their health. It always pays to be ready for emergencies or disasters, whether you...

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Light, Fire, and Smoke | Emergency Communication Signals

July 7, 2023 Throughout history, we have found creative ways to communicate without using sound. Read this article to learn more about emergency communication signals....

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Electrical Grid Attacks on the Rise

July 5, 2023 Attacks on our electrical grid are up 86% over last year! This is an ominous trend. Will it continue? Two years ago I wrote an article describing the causes of power outages and the...

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Electromagnetic Pulse: Protecting Your Components

June 25, 2023 Protecting your electrical appliances and sensitive electronic devices from EMP seems like a frightening and impossible challenge. But it’s not as difficult as you may imagine, and...

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Why Disaster Preparedness is Important: Take Action Now

March 12, 2023 The United States ranks second among countries with the most natural disasters. In fact, in 2015 we fell just behind China with 22 such events and China with 36. This alone should make us...

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Cheap DIY Get Home Bag

March 10, 2023 Cheap DIY Get Home Bag Putting Together a Get Home Bag Doesn't Have to Break the Bank We all have our weaknesses as preppers. No matter how prepared and thorough we may be, there's always...

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Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

February 2, 2023 If you've been paying any attention to the news the last few weeks, you have no doubt heard about the zika virus as it rapidly spreads across the Americas. But what is this mysterious...

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