Close Quarters Self Defense Tactics

October 10, 2023 Looking to improve your close quarters self defense tactics? Not sure what to do when faced with an unexpected attack? This can be a terrifying scenario for anyone, and even more so if you...

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Video: 5 Basic Elbow Strikes

October 23, 2015 Once you have engaged in an altercation where you are forced to defend yourself, your elbows will deliver a hard pounding blow. Coach Jeremy will demonstrate 5 basic elbow strikes that you...

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Video: Five Basic Leg Strikes & Defense

October 16, 2015 Learn the five basic leg strikes that can give you the advantage during an aggressive situation. Knowing some basic leg strikes is a game changing skill set to have under your belt, if ever...

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VIDEO: Reactive Arm Control To A Takedown

October 2, 2015 It’s critically important for you to be able to control your aggressor at the moment of contact. It’s equally important for you to have control and tactical options to defuse...

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VIDEO: Preempted Neck and Spine Control Takedown

September 25, 2015 There are some situations where excessive force is not needed. In such an attack, you should know how to execute a preempted neck and spine control takedown. Preempted Neck and spine...

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VIDEO: Preempted Arm Control Takedown

September 18, 2015 There are some situations where excessive force is not needed. In such an attack, you should know how to execute a preempted arm control takedown. Preempted arm control is a great way...

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VIDEO: Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

September 11, 2015 What are some items you must have before leaving your house? Is a knife a part of the check off list? A knife attack can happen to anyone at any time. Carrying a knife can help to defend...

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VIDEO | Frontal Attack: Stick Vs. Stick

September 4, 2015 Want to know how to defend yourself against a frontal attack? There is always the possibility that a stick-wielding criminal can attack you. When used correctly, a forceful stick can be...

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VIDEO: Frontal and Rear Headlock Defense

August 28, 2015 Want to learn frontal and rear headlock defense techniques? The headlock is a common position that you might find yourself during a struggle with an attacker. And when you do, you have to...

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VIDEO: Tackle and Overhand Punch Defense From The Spear Position

August 21, 2015 Want to learn a tackle and overhand punch defense? Have you ever seen a street fight before? In a street fight you would most likely see two kinds of attacks, a rough take down tackle or a...

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