Bass Pro Shops May Buy Out Cabela’s

April 25, 2016 Bass Pro Shops May Buy Out Cabela's The Two Outdoor Giants Have Been in Competition for Years. Now, They Make Become One. Last Tuesday, Bass Pro Shops announced that they would move...

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April 25, 2016 / Comments (2)

Make a Pack Basket for Camping

January 31, 2016 Handy Storage for Your Camping Supplies Pack Baskets have been used for carrying gear and food for centuries. In America they are associated with trapping, portaging canoes, and snow shoes....

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January 31, 2016 / Comments (5)

DIY Wilderness Soap and Shampoo

January 14, 2016 One of the many amazing uses of the yucca plant. The last time I wrote about the yucca, I showed you how to make rope from the leaves by pounding them, scraping them, and by twisting or...

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January 14, 2016 / Comments (2)

Compass: A Must-Have Survival Tool

December 24, 2015 Have you ever been lost in the wilderness and thought “Man! I so wish I had a compass right now!”? I think many of us have. About 5 years ago, my husband and I got lost on a...

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Water Safety Tips | Make Your Own Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI)

December 17, 2015 Did you know you don't have to boil water to make it to safe to drink? With a WAPI you can make water safe to drink without boiling it! Check out the steps below to learn how. Make Your Own...

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December 17, 2015 / Comments (12)

Mossin Nagant M44: A Rugged Woods Rifle

December 17, 2015 The Mossin Nagant M44 is a Russian rifle that came into being around 1944 and stayed in production until sometime in 1948. This rifle evolved from the longer Model 91/30. During WWII the...

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December 17, 2015 / Comments (2)

Surviving a Mt. Rainier Eruption

December 10, 2015 Although the last recorded Mt. Rainier eruption was in 1894, it was considered to be minor considering what the active volcano is actually capable of. Mt. Rainier reaches an elevation...

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December 10, 2015 / Comments (1)

The Tomahawk as a Tool for Wilderness Survival and Camping

December 2, 2015 Much has been written about the use of large knives for survival and Bushcraft tasks of late.   These bigger blades are used for chopping, slicing, splitting and sometimes...

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December 2, 2015 / Comments (1)

Product Review: The AK-47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems

June 4, 2015 The AK47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems offers a lower profile design than the majority of other chest rigs available on the market.  The AK47 Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems...

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June 4, 2015 / Comments (6)

Product Review: The AK47 3 Magazine Shingle by Beez Combat Systems

May 1, 2015 The AK47 3-Magazine Shingle by Beez Combat Systems is a low profile magazine shingle that allows for complete maneuverability and access to magazines without disturbing your rifle sling....

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May 1, 2015 / Comments (0)


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