The After-Incident Zip Your Lip Guideline And Its Exceptions

November 11, 2023 The after-incident zip your lip guideline and its exceptions A recent incident covered by Gun Carrier, “Peoria Man Speaks Truth To Media About Defending Self, But Should Not...

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Women’s Self-Defense Options Outside Your Home: Evaluating Concealed Carry Firearms

October 6, 2023 Which of these weapons would you rather have in the event someone tried to attack you? Hatpin Kubaton Stun gun Pocketknife Pepper spray  Concealed carry firearm These are all things...

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Gun Buy Back: Boston Mayer Offers $200 Per Gun

September 17, 2023 If you have a license or permit to carry common sense, the latest gun buyback currently taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, should have your pants in a twist. And, when you think about...

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Concealed vs. Open Carry: Pros and Cons

May 11, 2023 It's an age-old debate among gun owners: is concealed carry or open carry best? Fans of open carry like others to know that they are armed, and feel more confident and safer knowing that...

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Everything You Need to Know About The Second Amendment

January 27, 2023 One of the most important and valued legislative items of the United States Constitution is the Second Amendment. Since its inception, the Second Amendment faced interpretation regarding...

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Where You Should Hide Your Guns Before They Take Them

March 5, 2020 Learning where to hide your guns in the right places is detailed in the latest Special Report from the team at The  information inside How to Hide Your Guns, an...

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Idiotic Anti-Gun Quote Of The Week: Nobody Should Have A Gun, Edition

June 9, 2016 Idiotic Anti-Gun Quote Of The Week: Nobody Should Have A Gun, Edition Coming in on the heels of Hillary Clinton finally sticking it to the Bern with all of those super delegates, and the...

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Hindsight View From the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

May 26, 2016 The NRA Annual Meeting is over, and it's now time to reflect on how it went. Overall, I'd say that the meeting was a great time. To my knowledge, everything that was supposed to happen,...

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The Best Way to Learn Your Home State's Gun Laws: Part 2

April 26, 2016 Let's pick up right where we left off with the first part: Unfortunately, there are a lot of opinions out there that don't even come close to resembling fact. The internet is especially...

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Japan's Gun Restrictions Don't Work in America

April 5, 2016 I just wanted to take a second to let you know that some of Japan's gun enthusiasts don't think Americans should have the right to freely own guns. In fact, it makes some of them sick. You...

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