Tips And Tools For Buying A Used Handgun

November 30, 2018 When buying a pre-loved handgun, consider these tips to get the best bang for the buck. In this article: General Tips When Getting Pre-Loved Handguns How to Buy a Revolver How to Buy a...

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Gun Review: A Rifle Caliber Pistol Called the PTR32P

September 5, 2016 As of late, it seems like at least some of the gun community has an unhealthy obsession with pistol caliber carbines. While I do agree that they are fun at the range, sometimes it's just...

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There And Back Again: One Woman’s Concealed Carry Journey

June 14, 2016 There and Back Again: My Carry Journey Those of you who have been following my articles know that I’m a passionate competitive shooter, but it’s not where I started. Although...

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Shooter's Guide To Choosing The Best Self-Defense Cartridge

June 10, 2016 When it comes time for your first self-defense firearm, you have a multitude of different options to choose from. To be sure, there are many different self-defense cartridges available to...

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The Best Way to Learn Your Home State's Gun Laws: Part 2

April 26, 2016 Let's pick up right where we left off with the first part: Unfortunately, there are a lot of opinions out there that don't even come close to resembling fact. The internet is especially...

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The Modern Derringer, For Today’s Shooter

April 23, 2016 The word Derringer is synonymous with “palm pistol” or “pocket pistol.” Basically, it is a very small single or double shot pistol that is meant for deep...

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Polyarmory—all the guns I’ve loved before, German-American edition

April 10, 2016 Heckler and Koch applied German engineering to gun design back in the ‘80s when the P7 was introduced as the first striker-fired pistol. Obviously, HK was onto something big,...

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What You Need To Know About The GOP Convention Debacle

March 31, 2016 There is a lot of noise coming from the left these days about the GOP Convention and why they won't allow people to bring their firearms. They say things like “if they love guns...

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Idiotic Liberal Anti Gun Headline Of The Week

March 11, 2016 This headline comes straight out of my home state: Pennsylvania. But, before we get to it, let the records show that since 1974, there has been a state law that says no municipalities are...

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4 Year Old Boy Shoots Mother In The Back While Driving

March 10, 2016 Here is another sober reminder for us gun-toting patriots with kids. Jamie Gilt, a 31 year old mother of a four year old boy, was shot by her child while driving her pickup truck/horse...

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