Polyarmory—All The Guns I’ve Loved Before: Turkish Edition

January 26, 2016 Polyarmory—All The Guns I’ve Loved Before: Turkish Edition If you’re reading this, you might be familiar with that itch to purchase a new gun you’ve watched at...

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SHOT Show 2016 | Second Best Ever [With Quotes]

January 25, 2016 SHOT Show 2016 is being named as second best ever. Sadly, everyone's favorite gun show is over. But, you can expect some more of our favorite items to trickle in over the course of the...

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SHOT Show 2016 | New Products From Kimber

January 20, 2016 I've already told you what my favorite range gun from SHOT Show 2016 was. It really is no surprise seeing how Kimber makes some of the highest quality firearms in the industry. In case...

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SHOT SHOW 2016: A Short Preview

December 7, 2015 It's getting to be that time again, folks. Thanksgiving has passed. Christmas and New Year's Day will also soon come to pass. Then, about midway through January, our favorite firearms show...

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40 Ohio School Districts to Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons

November 25, 2015 The chance that a mass shooting occurs at any of the 40 Ohioan school districts where teachers are now allowed to carry a concealed weapon just dropped dramatically. In an attempt to combat...

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Gun Sales Are Up…Again.

November 21, 2015 No surprise here, folks. After Paris was attacked, gun sales soared all over the United States. And with good reason. People need a way to protect themselves—especially when you take...

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.40S&W to be Dropped by FBI in Favor of a Different Self-Defense Projectile

November 5, 2015 After decades of using the .40S&W cartridge in their service pistols, the FBI is finally waking up to see what the rest of the world has seen for years: the 9mm Luger is a far superior...

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San Diego: Gun Buyback Successfully Takes 400 "Mean Guns" Off the Streets

October 27, 2015 Another Day, another gun buyback program… This past weekend, San Diego collected almost 400 firearms in an effort to curb “gun violence.” According to Fox News (link at...

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Milwaukee Gun Dealer to pay 6 Million Dollars to Injured Police

October 14, 2015 A jury ruled against the Milwaukee gun dealer known as Badger Guns to the tune of 6 million dollars in awarded damages. Just one month after a straw pistol purchase back in 2009, two police...

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Self Defense Against a Mugger | What Would You Do? (Part 2)

September 10, 2015 Did you miss the first part of our story about self defense against a mugger? Check it out here! Then read the conclusion below and share your thoughts in the comments.   Where did the...

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