Homemade Weapons You Can DIY To Awaken Your Inner Caveman

September 25, 2019 Learn to make your own homemade weapons so you’ll have a fighting chance in a survival situation where all you have is nature. RELATED: 14 DIY Badass Weapons That Can Save Your Life...

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September 25, 2019 / Comments (27)

How To Make Use Of Improvised Weapons

October 9, 2014 In a SHTF scenario where ammo is scarce or you’re forced to leave your supplies behind, improvised weapons may be your only choice. But don’t worry: there are plenty of...

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How To Turn A Spoon Into A Survival Weapon

July 10, 2014 Those interested in exploring the endless amount of survival bow techniques will probably agree that one of the hardest parts of constructing your own survival bow is finding the right...

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Survival Life Hack – Measuring Draw Weight Without An Expensive Scale

July 6, 2014 The expanding world of archery and bow hunting, has make a revolutionary movement of people crafting their own bow weapons. An no matter what material you choose, be a wooden bow...

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How To Make A Remote Control Gun

April 28, 2014 We just made an amazing remote control gun you have to check out. You’ve never seen anything quite like it. You build this surprisingly inexpensive home security device with bike...

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How To Make A DIY Saw Blade Slinger

March 21, 2014 With these instructions, you’ll learn how to make a Saw Blade Slinger. How to Make a Saw Blade Slinger As you can probably tell already, this is a very unique weapon. The name leaves...

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