10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

October 3, 2023 Information is power, especially when it comes in graphic form. These visual representations of prepper information are packed full of useful tips, hacks, ideas, and information. 10...

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How To Properly Build A Fire: A Step By Step Guide With Safety Tips

April 3, 2023 Learn how to build a fire and earn a valuable survival skill you can have handy for life! RELATED: How To Start A Fire Without Using Matches How to Build a Fire with a High Success Rate...

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Survive Like “The Martian”

February 24, 2023 This Oscar-Nominated Blockbuster is Full of Survival Lessons If SHTF and you think you're in a bad situation, just remember: it could always be worse. Count your blessings and be thankful...

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The Basics of Disaster Preparedness

January 13, 2023 How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster When making your disaster preparedness plans, it's important to have all your bases covered. Natural disasters are very unpredictable — some more...

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Survival Tools You Should Possess

January 1, 2023 Make Sure You're Stocked Up on These Survival Essentials If you could only pick 12 survival items to have on hand in a SHTF situation, what would they be? No matter what situation you find...

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Shooting Fundamentals

October 19, 2018 Follow These Tips and Shoot Like a Pro Whether you're an experienced hunter or you just bought your first firearm, you could always stand to hone your shooting skills a little more....

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Survive Snake Bites with This Helpful Infographic

July 7, 2016 There are several venomous snake species in North America, and snake bites can be deadly. Learn how to identify & treat a snake bite with this infographic....

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Knife Handles 101

January 14, 2016 What materials are made to use knife handles, and which one is best for you? Like so many survival supplies, a knife is only as good as the materials it's made from. We've already discussed...

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