Knife Attack Self Defense Myths

October 21, 2023 Learn How to Properly Defend Yourself Against Knife Attack We’ve all seen knife fights in movies and TV shows. The dastardly villain pulls a glistening stiletto, makes some quip...

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How to Survive a Knife Attack

March 24, 2023 How to Survive a Knife Attack What to Do When You're Attacked from Behind It may seem like being attacked from behind is one of those situations in life you can't really prepare for. But...

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VIDEO: Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

September 11, 2015 What are some items you must have before leaving your house? Is a knife a part of the check off list? A knife attack can happen to anyone at any time. Carrying a knife can help to defend...

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VIDEO: Knife Attack Defense with a Stick | Self Defense Tactics

July 17, 2015 By now you've learned how to defend yourself with a weapon. That's the easy part. But what do you do when your attacker has a weapon but you don't? One thing's for sure: it requires quick...

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VIDEO: Open Hand Defense Against Frontal Knife Attack | Self Defense Tactics

July 2, 2015 For the last several weeks we've taught you handgun disarming techniques, as well as how to hold you own in a knife fight against an attacker. But what do you do when someone pulls a knife...

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VIDEO: How to Stop An Attacker from the Front or from Behind | Self Defense Tactics

June 26, 2015 A knife is the favorite weapon of many attackers who wish to hold their victims hostage. Disarming an attacker with a knife is different from disarming one with a gun, but either way the...

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