How to Build Easy Shelters

December 24, 2023 One of the things that I get asked most is, “What is the worst thing about survival?” Our fans are a morbid bunch by building easy shelters! Not surprisingly, there are quite...

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5 Local Edible Plants And How To Identify Them

December 16, 2013 Editors note: A few weeks ago Mykel wrote an article about the “Need To Know” Rules When Picking Edible & Medicinal Plants. We received quite a few questions regarding this post...

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Ruth England: World Traveler, Survivor, Mother

November 8, 2013 Hello! I am very excited about working with Survival Life and sharing information and my experiences with you. I have always had an interest in survival skills, primitive hygiene and...

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A Brief History On Mykel Hawke

November 1, 2013 Just in case you missed it, several weeks ago Survival Life announced a brand new partnership with Mykel Hawke and Ruth England (Stars of “Man, Woman, Wild “and the soon to be...

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