Protecting a City and Guarding Our Nation

April 4, 2023 Protecting City and Guarding Our Nation Ethan Mennen Tells Survival Life What It’s Like to Be a Cop and Army Ranger Ethan Mennen is a busy guy. Not only is he a full-time detective...

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NoVa Police Training

April 6, 2021 NoVa Police Training W Loudoun Co. Sheriff Mike Chapman, Leesburg PD Kevin Zodrow, Brett Harnish and Lee Weem‪s‬ This podcast focuses on the importance of the 2nd amendment,...

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Our Nation Is Under Threat Now That We Know Guns Kill People

May 24, 2016 This article is a satire piece. As the dust begins to settle on one of the most violent weekends ever seen in America, authorities are coming to terms with the fact that we may be at the...

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Police Lives Are Being Taken For Granted, But They Shouldn't Be

March 15, 2016 Another police officer has died in what was a tragic, unprovoked attack. Make no mistake about it folks, our cops are at war with people who wish to do them harm. It seemed like, at first,...

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WEDDING CRASHER: Man Bites Dog — Literally

October 21, 2013 Santa Barbara police have detained a 22-year-old man they say crashed a wedding, then bit an officer and a police dog during a six-minute melee. Sgt. Riley Harwood says police were called...

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