Power Outage Tips: How to Prep for a Blackout

December 26, 2023 In the event of a blackout, preparedness is key. Learn how to prepare for a power outage by thinking ahead and stocking up on the necessary supplies. How to Prepare for a Blackout...

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Sustainable Electric Power

November 23, 2023 The quality of life you will have after a grid collapse depends on the choices you make today. In the end, it’s all about choices. You have the opportunity, right now, to make your...

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Ready your Home for a Power Outage

November 19, 2023 Winter hit hard and fast this year. This week, every state in the country has experienced below-freezing weather, and for some there seems to be no end in sight. The folks up in Buffalo,...

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The Emotional Effects of Power Outage

November 11, 2023 There is a psychological effect on people that often occurs during extended power outages. As time passes without electricity, people who depend on their ability to communicate or move...

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Is Power Grid Failure in Our Future? | 5 Weaknesses in the National Electric Grid

October 17, 2023 If you have a conversation with a prepper, chances are it won’t take long before the subject of power grid failure comes up. You know that power grid failure is a major threat and...

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EMP Incoming! | What to Expect from an EMP

August 31, 2023 Articles and books about EMP risks often contain inaccurate or misleading information because empirical data isn’t readily available. We really don’t know how bad a massive...

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Electrical Grid Attacks on the Rise

July 5, 2023 Attacks on our electrical grid are up 86% over last year! This is an ominous trend. Will it continue? Two years ago I wrote an article describing the causes of power outages and the...

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The Grid-Tie Inverter: Electrical Backup For Your Refrigerator-Freezer

June 5, 2023 Know more about the grid-tie inverter and how to help keep your food fresh longer in case of a widespread or long-term power outage! RELATED: Emergency Lighting | How Long Will That Bulb...

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12 Survival Foods That Will Save You in a Power Outage

April 22, 2023 Don't Go Hungry When the Power Goes Out Power outages are no fun. There are ways to get through them with flashlights, candles, extra blankets, warm clothes, etc. But what about feeding...

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Emergency Lighting: Candle Power

February 24, 2023 In case of a natural disaster, EMP, or just a run-of-the-mill blackout, you need to be prepared with a back-up source of light. Emergency lighting is one of the most important things to...

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