The Importance of Body Armor

November 6, 2023 The Importance of Body Armor Think You Don't Need It? Think Again Survival is a matter of preparation. By expanding your knowledge, learning new skills, and stockpiling important equipment,...

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Knife Attack Self Defense Myths

October 21, 2023 Learn How to Properly Defend Yourself Against Knife Attack We’ve all seen knife fights in movies and TV shows. The dastardly villain pulls a glistening stiletto, makes some quip...

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Why Carry With a Round in Chamber: Part 1

October 20, 2023 The amount of people who don't carry a weapon with a round in chamber is simply astounding. In this first part of a two part series, I'm going to cover why you should carry a gun that is...

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Tips for Shooting a Gun with Both Eyes Open

October 15, 2023 Most of us learned that shooting with one eye closed was the proper technique, and we have been doing it that way our whole lives. But have you ever tried shooting with both eyes open? When...

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Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense – The 4th Pillar Of Survival

October 14, 2023 Without self-defense, your chances at survival dwindle, so read on for tips, techniques, and strategies! RELATED: Conquering The Cornerstone: Fire – The 3rd Pillar Of Survival...

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How to Shoot an AR-15

October 14, 2023 The AR-15 is one of the most popular guns out there, especially in the United States. In fact, it's frequently been called “America's Rifle” or “America's Gun of...

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20 Firearm Safety Tips

October 11, 2023 Firearm safety should always be observed, whether you're a novice shooter or a seasoned professional. Make no mistake about it: a gun is a deadly weapon. A single bullet hitting a human...

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Close Quarters Self Defense Tactics

October 10, 2023 Looking to improve your close quarters self defense tactics? Not sure what to do when faced with an unexpected attack? This can be a terrifying scenario for anyone, and even more so if you...

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Active Shooter: Why and How to Protect Yourself

October 9, 2023 Terrorist attacks have been all over the news lately. With two of the biggest terrorist attacks in recent history happening within a few weeks of each other (in Paris, France and San...

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Modular Combat Belt by Beez Combat Systems

October 8, 2023 Beez Combat Systems Modular Combat Belt More Great Survival Gear from Beez Combat Systems The Beez Combat Systems Modular Combat Belt is designed to attach additional gear, not limited to...

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