Hunting Game When SHTF

March 9, 2016 Is It a Good Idea? When SHTF, will you start hunting game to get your food supply? Most true survivalists are master hunters. Many of us started hunting at an early age and consider it...

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March 9, 2016 / Comments (8)

What Will You Do When SHTF?

February 20, 2016 The Different Ways People React in Survival Situations People have a lot of different responses under pressure. In a survival situation, the course of action you choose to take might be...

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February 20, 2016 / Comments (1)

How to Charge Your Phone with a 9V Battery

February 19, 2016 When SHTF and power goes out, it's important to have a way to communicate. This video will teach you how to charge your phone even without electricity....

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February 19, 2016 / Comments (3)

Make Batteries Last Longer

February 18, 2016 Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Lithium-Ion Batteries There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to use an electronic device and finding that the battery is dead. It seems...

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February 18, 2016 / Comments (4)

Radio Communication: Part 2 | Which Radio is Right for You?

January 28, 2016 This is the second part in our two-part series on radio communication. Do you know how you’ll communicate when SHTF? Check out the post below to find out. Radio Communication: Part...

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January 28, 2016 / Comments (5)

Radio Communication: Part 1 | Staying in Contact When SHTF

January 27, 2016 When SHTF, we may have to rely on radio communication to stay in contact. This is part 1 of our 2 part series on emergency communication with radios. Radio Communication: Part 1 | Staying...

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January 27, 2016 / Comments (7)

When to Bug Out

January 17, 2016 Are You Ready for SHTF? A year or so ago, I became interested in preparing for a disaster, so I went to the Internet to see what other folks are doing to prepare. I was surprised to learn...

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January 17, 2016 / Comments (11)

Using Flashlight Power for Emergency Lighting | Survival Skills

January 13, 2016 Flashlight power is an excellent source of lighting in an emergency. Check out the article below to learn more about how this technology has evolved, and how flashlights can be a...

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January 13, 2016 / Comments (59)

Self Defense When SHTF

December 16, 2015 Self defense skills are absolutely vital for anyone planning to survive a SHTF situation. We don’t know when such a situation might occur or what form it will take. It could be a...

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December 16, 2015 / Comments (6)

How to Treat an Open Wound

July 16, 2015 Do you know how to treat an open wound? If not, you need to learn. Treating open wounds and other types of emergency first aid will be one of the most important survival skills when SHTF....

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July 16, 2015 / Comments (8)


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