DIY Portable Solar Generator

February 14, 2020 Why Buy an Expensive Generator When You Can Build Your Own? There are all kinds of products and gadgets out there marketed to preppers and survivalists. It can get overwhelming at times....

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February 14, 2020 / Comments (6)

Why You Need To Try Solar Power

October 14, 2019 Consider solar power as an alternative power source and even a main power source. Read on for the irresistible reasons why you need to, now! RELATED: 9 DIY Solar Power Projects For Survival...

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October 14, 2019 / Comments (23)

How Technology is Changing the Future of Survival

April 27, 2016 When it comes to alternative energy, we've come a long way. Check out this article to learn how technology is changing the future of survival....

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April 27, 2016 / Comments (9)

Make Your Own Emergency Lights from Solar Yard Lights

July 2, 2015 Once again, Gaye Levy is back to share some of her homesteading wisdom. Today she's teaching you how to make DIY emergency solar lights. Check out the tutorial below, and be sure to check...

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July 2, 2015 / Comments (10)

How To Build A Portable Solar Power System

June 11, 2015 If you're really into prepping, no doubt you have batteries and a generator.  Both are great, but what will you do if your batteries and fuel for the generator run out? Portable Solar...

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June 11, 2015 / Comments (10)

Solar Power | Innovative Use of Rooftop Real Estate

June 23, 2014 Solar power and alternative energy have risen in popularity as the price of power rises. It is beyond imagination to think about the amount of empty rooftop real estate ready for use in...

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June 23, 2014 / Comments (15)

10 Deadly Solar Power Weapons

April 7, 2014 When most people think of solar power, they imagine bright sunlight, clean air, and all of those warm, fuzzy feelings you get at the prospect of renewable energy. Others imagine ways to...

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April 7, 2014 / Comments (3)

Solar Energy: A Spotlight on Home Security

February 4, 2013 Get Off the Grid: Solar-Powered Security Security is a major concern these days with the rise of crimes and burglaries committed by criminals who seize every opportunity they can get. But...

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February 4, 2013 / Comments (13)


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