9 Survival Food Items That Will Outlast The Apocalypse

March 14, 2019 Pick these survival food items before SHTF and last the apocalypse with the best emergency food supply! RELATED: 43 Survival Food Items That Actually Taste Good The Best Survival Food Items...

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8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them

May 20, 2015 Want to learn how to store survival foods? We all need food to survive. It is a fact that from the very beginning of life, a billion years back, the organisms needed food to live. It would...

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Prepping Tips | How to Live a “Strategic Life”

April 20, 2015 Our friend Gaye Levy always has great practical prepping tips for beginning and experienced preppers alike. In this article, she teaches you how to live what she calls a “strategic...

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