10 Army Survival Tips to Use in the Zombie Apocalypse

January 27, 2016 Your Zombie Survival Guide Courtesy of the U.S. Army —This post is Syndicated. Original publish date Sep 28, 2015 on Buzzfeed.com— With a little training, the U.S. Army can give you...

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Survival Tips: Prepping with Pets

February 23, 2015 At Survival Life, survival tips are not exclusively for humans; we also have some for your pets. Domesticated animals make life much better, happier and more fulfilled. It’s hard to...

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Deal or Dud: “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide”

July 1, 2013 It’s always a great time to expand your prepper’s library. Prices for physical books are fairly low, and there are multitudes of survival, homesteading and books about prepping on...

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