20 Ways To Use A Wire Coat Hanger For Survival

December 17, 2023 Do you know that a wire coat hanger can save your life? Learn 20 hanger survival hacks here! RELATED: 7 Quick & Easy Survival Hacks Using Household Items Wire Coat Hanger Household...

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December 17, 2023 / Comments (5)

Multipurpose Items For Survival You Need To Stock Up On

October 4, 2023 Before you run for the store, check out these multipurpose items for survival your cupboard may hold now! RELATED: 10 Must-Have Items For Your Airport Go-Bag | For The Prepared Traveler...

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October 4, 2023 / Comments (15)

Oddball Items that You Should Stock Before SHTF

August 16, 2023 When you make your preps for a long-term survival situation, you want to make sure you cover the basics: Water-  check Food- check Shelter- check Batteries- check Oddball Items that...

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August 16, 2023 / Comments (163)

Survival Kits for the Prepper on the Go

August 2, 2023 The pocket survival kit is a great everyday item for preppers. Light and compact, it is the ideal temporary substitute for your bug out bag or stow bag. If you find your bug out bag...

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August 2, 2023 / Comments (17)

Must Have Items For Your Survival Kit

May 5, 2023 When packing your survival kit, what you choose to include depends on your individual needs. But there are certain items that every survivalist should pack in their survival kit, no matter...

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May 5, 2023 / Comments (0)

Can You Find These 7 Critical Survival Items in the Dark?

October 11, 2013 We've all done it… You hear a sound in the middle of the night, leap out of bed ready to spring into action, only to stub your toe on a coffee table, or the edge of your bed. Then you...

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October 11, 2013 / Comments (6)


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