Could You Survive Common Calamities?

June 9, 2023 Could You Survive Common Calamities? Knowing what local threats are all around you is the most important step in your path toward emergency preparedness. This step requires some research...

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Emergency Preparedness Car Tips | Bug Out Vehicle Life Hacks

May 31, 2023 Your emergency preparedness bug out plans probably involves jumping in your car to get far away from the emerging threat. This likely means that after you load up the car with your survival...

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Car Emergency Preparedness Kit List | Vehicle Survival Gear

May 15, 2023 Emergency preparedness should be a top priority no matter where you go. We spend a lot of time in our cars, so it only makes sense to have a car emergency preparedness kit at all times. Use...

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Must Have Items For Your Survival Kit

May 5, 2023 When packing your survival kit, what you choose to include depends on your individual needs. But there are certain items that every survivalist should pack in their survival kit, no matter...

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Bear Grylls’ Survival Kit Review

April 7, 2023 The Bear Grylls' survival kit is great for its price and includes a lot of useful gear. Find out more about this awesome survival kit. RELATED: 7 Survival Tips From Bear Grylls: Best Of The...

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Why Disaster Preparedness is Important: Take Action Now

March 12, 2023 The United States ranks second among countries with the most natural disasters. In fact, in 2015 we fell just behind China with 22 such events and China with 36. This alone should make us...

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Emergency Preparedness | Is 72 Hours Enough?

February 19, 2022 For the average citizen, an emergency preparedness kit is a ready-to-use, portable package containing supplies, food and water rations, as well as other vital supplies and equipment for...

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Rural Survival Tools

February 24, 2016 EDC & Survival Tools for Rural Preppers I can’t really define my life as wilderness living, urban or even suburban. Navigating my typical week often finds me in all three settings....

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DIY Outdoor Survival Kit

January 26, 2016 When assembling your outdoor survival kit or “buyout bag,” it's important to consider not only packing MRE's and other survival food, but also items that will help you acquire...

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Emergency Food Secrets for Your Survival Kit

December 21, 2015 One of the most important questions to ask yourself when forming a survival plan is how you're going to feed yourself and your family when SHTF. Many people plan for a shelter-in-place...

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